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NSFAS Receives A Failing Grade From The Auditor General



NSFAS Receives A Failing Grade From The Auditor General

NSFAS Receives A Failing Grade From The Auditor General. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has once again found itself in the spotlight, as the Auditor-General (AG) unveils a troubling revelation regarding its financial management. Despite its critical role in providing financial assistance to tertiary education students, NSFAS’s failure to maintain credible records has resulted in a damning audit finding for the fiscal year 2021/22. This article delves into the implications of this adverse audit outcome and the ongoing challenges plaguing NSFAS.

The Disarray at NSFAS

The AG report to parliament highlights the alarming state of affairs at NSFAS, characterized by a lack of credible financial statements and performance reports. This deficiency has not only jeopardized the transparency and accountability of NSFAS’s operations but has also raised serious concerns about the organization’s ability to fulfill its mandate effectively.

Adverse Audit Finding

For NSFAS, the 2021/22 fiscal year marks its worst audit outcome in the last five years, as it receives an adverse audit finding. This designation underscores the severity of the financial mismanagement and administrative lapses within the organization. Such a finding not only tarnishes NSFAS’s reputation but also erodes public trust in its ability to manage funds responsibly.

A History Of Controversy

NSFAS descent into disarray is not a recent development but rather a culmination of years of controversy and mismanagement. The organization’s tumultuous history includes a period of administration between 2018 and 2020, aimed at addressing systemic issues. Moreover, recent corruption allegations involving former CEO Andile Nongogo and former board chair Ernest Khoza have further marred NSFAS’s reputation and raised questions about its governance practices.

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Implications For Students

The repercussions of NSFAS financial mismanagement extend beyond its internal operations and have profound implications for the students it serves. With NSFAS struggling to maintain credible records and ensure the proper disbursement of funds, students may face delays or disruptions in receiving the financial assistance they depend on to pursue their education. This uncertainty adds to the already daunting challenges faced by many students from disadvantaged backgrounds.


The AG adverse audit finding for NSFAS serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of sound financial management and governance in public institutions. As NSFAS grapples with the fallout from this damning revelation, urgent action is needed to address the root causes of its administrative failures and restore trust in its ability to fulfill its mandate. Failure to do so not only jeopardizes the future of NSFAS but also undermines the aspirations of countless students striving to realize their academic dreams.

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