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76,000 applications for 2024 have been provisionally approved by NSFAS



76,000 applications for 2024 have been provisionally approved by NSFAS

76,000 applications for 2024 have been provisionally approved by NSFAS. A staggering 76,000 applications have been provisionally approved by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) within the first six days since applications opened for 2024.

Positive Trends Despite Past Challenges

Recently, NSFAS has faced challenges with its online application system. However, the organization is pleased to report that the current application season is moving in the right direction. Despite past hurdles, the online system is functioning seamlessly, making it easier for thousands of prospective beneficiaries to apply.

Encouraging Words from NSFAS Spokesperson

According to NSFAS spokesperson, Slumezi Skosana, the online application system is performing better. “It’s important to note that the online application system appears to work well so far. The prospective beneficiaries seem to have an easy time navigating it,” Skosana said.

Streamlined Application Process

Despite the fast approval of 76,000 applications, the application process is streamlined and user-friendly, allowing prospective beneficiaries to navigate the process with ease.

NSFAS Commitment to Accessibility

The success of NSFAS application season demonstrates the organization’s dedication to overcoming past challenges and providing applicants with a seamless application experience.

Looking Ahead

Applicants are encouraged to use the user-friendly online application system to submit their applications and secure the financial support they need for their education as the application season continues.


NSFAS provisional approval of 76,000 applications signals a promising start to the 2024 application season, with an efficient online system paving the way for a smoother and more accessible financial aid process for students.

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