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NSFAS Funding Eligible Status | What Does It Mean?



NSFAS Funding Eligible Status | What Does It Mean?

NSFAS Funding Eligible Status | What Does It Mean. It may be confusing to receive a message from NSFAS stating that you are ‘funding eligible.’ In this section, we explain what funding eligibility means.

NSFAS and its Purpose

Its goal is to provide financial assistance to individuals in need, enabling them to pursue further studies. NSFAS is a bursary initiative funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training. In addition to living allowances, transportation, and learning materials, the funding covers various student-related expenses.

Applying for NSFAS Funding

Once an application is submitted, it is essential to periodically check the status of the application to stay informed about the progress of the funding approval process.

Funding Eligible Status Explained

If your NSFAS application status reflects ‘Funding Eligible, it indicates that you are deemed eligible to receive funding from NSFAS. The tuition fees, however, are not paid directly to you but are instead paid directly to the university or TVET college.

Funding Eligible | Awaiting Admission

Your status may indicate that you are eligible for funding, but the university or TVET college has not yet approved your application. If you have not yet received your Matric results, this situation often arises at the beginning of the application season.

During this phase, focus on your exams without worrying about NSFAS funding for your degree or diploma studies. Once you receive an admission offer from the institution, NSFAS will proceed to approve your study funding.

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Submission of Supporting Documentation

In the event that NSFAS lacks necessary information, applicants may be required to submit additional documents, such as a certified copy of their identity. Timely submission of such documents expedites the funding process.

Funding Eligible Without Admission

NSFAS application statuses that read ‘Funding Eligible Without Admission’ indicate that your funding application has been approved, but confirmation from the university or college is pending. Once NSFAS receives confirmation from the educational institution, the status will change to ‘Funding With Admission Offer’.


NSFAS ‘Funding Eligible’ status is crucial for prospective students. Whether awaiting admission or already approved, patience and timely document submission play key roles in ensuring a smooth process towards accessing financial aid for educational pursuits.

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