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NSFAS Payment 2024: Who Is Eligible For March Allowances?



NSFAS Payment 2024: Who Is Eligible For March Allowances?

NSFAS Payment 2024: Who Is Eligible For March Allowances? The NSFAS is a great initiative aimed at helping students avoid sacrificing their futures due to financial problems. This National Student Financial Aid Scheme also contributes to increasing the literacy rate in South Africa by addressing one of the biggest problems in the education system.

NSFAS Payment Schedule For 2024

Based on past years’ payment release schedules, the expected payment schedule for NSFAS in 2024 indicates that the first semester payment is typically distributed in multiple cycles. The first cycle, scheduled for release on 6th February 2024, has already been announced by TVET colleges.

The second payment cycle is expected to be released on 6th March 2024, although the exact date has not been clarified by TVET colleges. Further NSFAS payment cycles for the first semester are likely to be released in April and May.

For the second semester, NSFAS 2024 payments will be distributed between July and November. Students are advised to stay updated with important dates regarding the payment cycle by visiting the official website of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme.

Eligibility Criteria For NSFAS Payment 2024

To be eligible for NSFAS payment in 2024, candidates must meet certain criteria set by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Eligible students must be permanent residents of South Africa with a valid ID and must study at an approved public university or college in South Africa.

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Students must also demonstrate financial need, such as if their household income falls below certain limits. Additionally, students need a valid email ID and phone number to be eligible for NSFAS 2024 payments. Those who receive a SASSA grant are automatically eligible for NSFAS payment.

However, students who have completed a previous qualification but have a high household income are not eligible. Nonetheless, if a student has received payments before and performed well academically, they are likely to receive payment again.

NSFAS Payment Amount 2024

The amount of NSFAS payment in 2024 depends on various factors including where the student studies, where they live, and whether they have any disabilities.

University students receive a living allowance of R16,500 per year, inclusive of a meal allowance of R13,455 and a personal care allowance of R3,045. Additionally, students are likely to receive a transportation allowance of R7,350, as well as learning materials according to their needs.

For TVET college students, NSFAS living allowances vary based on their study location, ranging from R4,600 to R7,200 per year for on-campus accommodation and R15,750 to R24,000 per year for off-campus accommodation. Similar to university students.

Additional support for TVET college students may include funding for transportation and learning materials. These NSFAS 2024 payment amounts aim to reduce financial barriers and increase access to education for students in South Africa.

How To Check NSFAS Payment Status 2024

  1. Visit the official website: To track the payment status, students need to visit the official website of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme at
  2. Login or create an account: Click on the “MyNSFAS” section and enter your username and password. If you haven’t registered yet, click on “create account.”
  3. Access payment tracking: Once logged in, click on the “NSFAS payment tracking status” link.
  4. Review your status: The page will display details about your NSFAS status, including whether the fund is approved or not.
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NSFAS payments in 2024 aim to support students in South Africa in pursuing their higher education goals. By adhering to the eligibility criteria and staying updated on payment schedules and status, students can ensure timely financial assistance to aid their academic endeavors.

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