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NSFAS Payment Of February Allowances



NSFAS Payment Of February Allowances

NSFAS Payment Of February Allowances. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) recently announced the facilitation of allowance payments for February and March 2024, as revealed during a media briefing on March 4, 2024. This crucial update brings relief to students reliant on financial assistance for their academic pursuits.

Timely Disbursement Across Universities

Remarkably, twenty-five out of twenty-six universities honored their commitment dates, disbursing February allowances punctually. These allowances encompass various essential components such as book, accommodation, transport, food, and personal care allowances, vital for students’ well-being and academic progress.

UNISA Finalization Process

The University of South Africa (UNISA) is diligently finalizing the determination of allowances based on students’ registered modules. This meticulous approach ensures fair and accurate allocation, reflecting NSFAS commitment to equitable support distribution.

Acknowledgment Of Cooperation

NSFAS expressed gratitude for the seamless implementation of February allowance payments, attributing the success to the collaborative efforts of universities and Student Representative Councils (SRCs). This cooperation underscores the collective commitment to supporting students’ educational journeys.

March Allowance Disbursement

In continuation of this positive momentum, all universities will oversee the disbursement of March allowances. This proactive approach ensures ongoing financial support for students throughout the academic term.

Direct Payment Procedures

Institutions are reminded to facilitate the onboarding process for students by allowing direct payment service providers to streamline operations. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and minimizes delays in financial assistance distribution.

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Commencement of 2024 Academic Year Allowance Payments

Looking ahead, universities are reminded that direct payments for the 2024 academic year allowances will commence in April 2024. This forward-looking approach ensures timely financial support for students in the upcoming academic year.

TVET Colleges Allowance Disbursement

The process of disbursing allowances to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges commenced on March 6, 2024. NSFAS assures stakeholders of forthcoming details regarding this process, fostering transparency and accountability.

Pilot Project On Private Student Accommodation

NSFAS vehemently condemns the recent incident at the University of Zululand (UniZulu), where officials were subjected to intimidation and hostage-taking. This unfortunate event underscores the urgency of addressing student accommodation challenges.

Intervention Measures

Following the incident, NSFAS announced plans to send officials to assist students and accommodation providers in the onboarding process. This intervention aims to ensure timely payments to private accommodation providers, emphasizing NSFAS commitment to resolving accommodation-related issues.

Call To Action

NSFAS urges institutions and students yet to onboard on the NSFAS Portal to do so promptly, emphasizing its significance in expediting accommodation allowance payments. Additionally, NSFAS reaffirms its zero-tolerance stance towards corruption and bribery, pledging to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to investigate reported cases.

Enhancing Student Welfare

In matters concerning transportation and security, NSFAS emphasizes the responsibility of accommodation providers to ensure students’ safety and convenience. This commitment underscores NSFAS’s holistic approach to safeguarding students’ welfare beyond financial assistance.

Accommodation Ad Hoc Committee Visits

NSFAS expresses appreciation for institutions visited to address accommodation challenges, promising continued engagement and intervention to enhance students’ living conditions.

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This ongoing commitment reflects NSFAS’s dedication to fostering conducive learning environments for all students.

As NSFAS continues its mission to empower students through financial assistance, these developments underscore its unwavering commitment to supporting students’ educational aspirations.

Through collaborative efforts and proactive measures, NSFAS strives to ensure equitable access to education for all aspiring scholars.


NSFAS efficient allowance disbursement, proactive intervention measures, and commitment to student welfare underscore its pivotal role in supporting educational endeavors. With ongoing dedication, NSFAS continues to empower students and foster equitable access to education.

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