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SASSA Announced the Grant Increase for February 2024



SASSA Announced the Grant Increase for February 2024

SASSA Announced the Grant Increase for February 2024. Rumors circulating about a grant increase by SASSA for February 2024 have been fact-checked to provide accurate details. This initiative aims to financially assist citizens experiencing poverty, particularly senior citizens facing significant challenges. The South African regulatory bodies have acknowledged the need for financial stability for this demographic.

Grant Amount and Eligibility

SASSA has observed a substantial need for increased grants, resulting in an official declaration of a grant increase. Eligible citizens, falling between the ages of 18 to 60, can apply for a grant amount of R510. This increase is intended to benefit low or no-income individuals, and SASSA officials will require necessary details and documents for payment processing.

Application Procedure

To apply for the SASSA grant, eligible citizens can visit, where an online form awaits completion. After providing required information, applicants can access the portal using login credentials, select their desired grant type, enter details, and submit necessary documents.

SASSA Increase 2024: Amount and Payment Method

The South African Government has announced a 5.6% increase in the grant amount, resulting in an effective sum of R500. The payment will be facilitated through the Direct Deposit payment method by The South African Institute of Taxation.

SASSA Payment Dates 2024

Payment dates for various grant categories have been outlined for 2024. Notably, the Old Age Pension Grants will be disbursed on January 3, Disability Grant on January 4, and Child Grant on January 5.

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Clarification on SRD350

The confusion regarding SRD350 is clarified as a social relief of distress provided during the COVID-19 Pandemic to aid those who lost jobs and family members. It is not part of the regular SASSA grant increase.

SASSA Grant Distribution and Taxation

Beneficiaries can receive the increased grant through their SASSA Cards. For non-functioning cards, authorities can be contacted for necessary details and fund verification. The government has instituted a tax exemption for individuals earning less than R500,000, ensuring that taxes won’t be a concern for grant recipients.

SASSA Grant Status Check

Beneficiaries can check their grant status by entering their ID and contact number on the official website. Alternative methods include checking at an ATM, contacting SASSA officials, or sending a WhatsApp message to authorities.


The verified information on the SASSA Grant Increase for February 2024 provides citizens with accurate details to alleviate concerns about financial support. The government’s commitment to reducing poverty is demonstrated through this critical step in improving the lives of South African citizens.

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