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Protests Disrupt College Classes In The Eastern Cape



Protests Disrupt College Classes In The Eastern Cape

Protests Disrupt College Classes In The Eastern Cape. Student protests have brought classes to a halt across all three campuses of Ikhala Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College in the Eastern Cape. The demonstrations stem from grievances regarding the determination of National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) accommodation allowances.

Classes Cancelled Amidst Student Protests

On Tuesday, classes were abruptly cancelled, leaving students frustrated and uncertain about their academic futures. At Ikhala TVET College campuses, including Coastal Campus in Komani, Zibeleni campus, and Queen Nonesi Campus in Cacadu (formerly Lady Frere), the atmosphere was tense as students voiced their concerns.

Grievances Against College Management

Students allege that college management has reduced their annual NSFAS allowance of R41,000. This reduction has sparked outrage and led to widespread protests across the campuses. Management attempted to clarify the situation, explaining the new funding criteria, which dictates that only the amount specified in the lease agreement with landlords will be disbursed.

Plight of Students and Families

The impact of these changes is deeply felt by students and their families. Many students rely on NSFAS allowances to cover accommodation costs. However, with the new regulations, students are constrained to the terms of their initial lease agreements, often resulting in financial strain and insecurity.

Student Voices

Lwando Ndamase, a leader at Ikhala Coastal Campus, shed light on the challenging circumstances students face. He highlighted the practice of students initially settling for affordable accommodation until NSFAS funds become available, forcing them to remain in potentially inadequate living conditions.

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Continuing Protests and Call for Action

Despite assurances from college management, students remain steadfast in their demand for a resolution. The protests are set to continue until representatives from NSFAS directly address the students’ concerns. The college has pledged to facilitate communication between the students and NSFAS officials to seek a viable solution.

Path Forward

With external exams for engineering students looming, there’s a pressing need to restore normalcy to the academic environment. Both college authorities and students acknowledge the importance of finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing protests. It’s imperative to address the grievances effectively to ensure that students can focus on their studies without disruption.


The disruption of classes at Ikhala TVET College underscores the significance of adequate financial support for students pursuing higher education. The standoff between students and college management highlights broader issues surrounding student welfare and financial assistance schemes. Resolving these issues promptly is crucial to safeguarding the academic pursuits of countless students and upholding the integrity of educational institutions.

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