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NSFAS Late Application Extended Deadline Coming Soon



NSFAS Late Application Extended Deadline Coming Soon

NSFAS Late Application Extended Deadline Coming Soon. With just six days left, NSFAS emphasizes the closing of its extended application window for student financial aid scheme applicants.

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)has reminded applicants that only six days remain before the closure of its extended application window. The deadline extension, announced by the NSFAS board, allows students more time to apply for financial assistance. Acting Chair Laurens Van Staden and SAUS President Yandisa Ndzoyiya jointly extended the application period until 15 February 2024, following discussions with the South African Union of Students (SAUS).


NSFAS Late Application Extended Deadline Coming Soon

In addition to extending the application deadline 15 February 2024, NSFAS has announced the opening of the NSFAS Loan Scheme for 2024. This decision aligns with the implementation of the new Comprehensive Student Funding Model, aiming to support a wider range of students, including those previously ineligible under NSFAS policies.

Under the revised model, students from families with annual incomes exceeding R350 000 but not surpassing R600 000 are eligible for support.

NSFAS Extended Application: No Reapplication Required

Moreover, NSFAS clarified that students who previously applied for the NSFAS bursary need not reapply for the loan scheme. In a joint statement issued, it was stated that students who did not meet bursary eligibility but meet loan eligibility criteria will automatically be considered for a loan.

“All students who did not meet the bursary scheme eligibility criteria but meet the loan scheme eligibility criteria will be automatically offered a loan for their consideration,” the statement said.

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This decision streamlines the application process, ensuring eligible students receive the necessary support. NSFAS urges prompt submission before the approaching deadline on 15 February 2024 to prevent missed opportunities.

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