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NSFAS Has No Clue How To Pay Its Students Right Now



NSFAS Has No Clue How To Pay Its Students Right Now

NSFAS Has No Clue How To Pay Its Students Right Now. In the midst of February and March, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) finds itself entangled in a web of confusion, once again resorting to universities for the distribution of funds to student beneficiaries. This repetitive cycle paints a grim picture of an organization grappling with its operational mechanisms.

The Continuous Conundrum

NSFAS, which had initially embarked on initiatives to eliminate universities and TVET colleges from the funding process through the introduction of a direct payment system, now finds itself backpedaling on its decisions. The departure of both its CEO and board chairperson due to corruption allegations further compounds its challenges.

Flawed Strategies

Despite its efforts to overhaul the system with the launch of a direct payment mechanism, NSFAS remains mired in uncertainty. The decision to terminate contracts with fintech firms responsible for facilitating direct payments only adds to the chaos. Meanwhile, the scheme’s failure to execute these decisions exacerbates the situation.

Lack of Clarity

Recent developments indicate a lack of clarity within NSFAS. While the scheme urges universities to facilitate student payments temporarily, it fails to provide a concrete alternative to the disbanded fintechs. Moreover, the debacle surrounding the University of South Africa (UNISA) raises questions about NSFAS authority in determining student allowances.

Costly Endeavors

The direct payment system, touted as a solution to fraud and mismanagement issues, has proven to be a costly endeavor. Taxpayers bore the brunt of the R1.5 billion expense incurred in its implementation, without reaping the intended benefits. The system’s failure to streamline processes only underscores NSFAS mismanagement.

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Student Dilemma

UNISA’s delay in disbursing allowances further exacerbates the plight of students relying on NSFAS assistance. The uncertainty surrounding fee releases amplifies concerns among beneficiaries, highlighting the urgency for NSFAS to address its operational shortcomings promptly.

Fintech Fiasco

The termination saga with fintech partners reflects NSFAS lack of foresight and communication. Confusion reigns as these partners await official statements regarding contract terminations, further complicating an already convoluted situation. The implications of tender fraud only serve to tarnish NSFAS’s already fragile reputation.


As NSFAS grapples with its internal turmoil, the plight of over a million underprivileged students hangs in the balance. The scheme’s failure to execute decisive actions and its penchant for flawed strategies underscore systemic issues that demand urgent rectification. Unless NSFAS addresses its operational deficiencies promptly, the future remains uncertain for both the scheme and its beneficiaries.

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