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NSFAS Faces Potential Losses Reveals Auditor General



NSFAS Faces Potential Losses Reveals Auditor General
NSFAS Faces Potential Losses Reveals Auditor General. In a recent revelation by the Auditor General, concerning findings have surfaced regarding the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), indicating significant financial irregularities within the government bursary scheme.

Financial Oversight Lapses

The Auditor General’s report pinpointed lapses in control mechanisms within NSFAS operations, highlighting potential financial losses. Issues such as over-disbursement of funds, outstanding debts from tertiary institutions, and failure to charge interest on student loan accounts were brought to light.

Over-Disbursement Concerns

NSFAS disbursed tuition fees and allowances to students, sometimes exceeding the maximum amounts specified in agreements. This occurred due to errors in agreement amounts or inadvertent over-disbursement. Effective internal controls to prevent such over-disbursements were notably absent.

Unreconciled Debts

Furthermore, NSFAS is owed money by institutions for unused funds. However, reconciliation processes were left incomplete, risking potential financial loss if credits aren’t recovered. Some indebted institutions failed to declare the money owed to NSFAS, exacerbating the issue.

Interest Charges Oversight

The absence of interest charges on student loan accounts was attributed to outdated student information. Failure to levy interest could lead to financial losses for NSFAS. Non-compliance in this regard may result in material financial losses if interest isn’t recovered from loan recipients.

Recommendations and Actions

In response, the Auditor General proposed various recommendations to NSFAS, including quantifying financial losses, pursuing legal action to recover over-disbursed funds and outstanding debts, and implementing robust internal controls.

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Ongoing Investigations

The report also highlighted an ongoing investigation by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) into alleged maladministration within NSFAS. Proclamation R88 grants the SIU authority to probe various matters concerning NSFAS, aiming to address serious maladministration and improper conduct.

Ensuring Financial Integrity

The Auditor General emphasized the critical importance of robust financial controls within NSFAS to safeguard public funds and ensure effective provision of financial aid to students. Commitment to monitoring and rectifying these issues underscores the dedication to fiscal integrity and accountability.


NSFAS faces significant challenges in maintaining financial integrity, as revealed by the Auditor General’s report. Addressing these lapses and implementing corrective measures are crucial to ensuring equitable access to education and prudent management of public funds.

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