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NSFAS Board Booted After Serious IT Systems Failures



NSFAS Board Booted After Serious IT Systems Failures

NSFAS Board Booted After Serious IT Systems Failures. In a decisive move, Minister Dr. Blade Nzimande, overseeing Higher Education, Science, and Innovation, dissolved the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) board due to persistent systemic issues and IT failures.

The NSFAS, pivotal in administering financial support to South African tertiary students, faces major operational disruptions affecting thousands.

Breakdown in Fintech Partnerships Leads to Board Dissolution

The heart of the controversy centers around the board’s handling of fintech firms tasked with disbursing monthly student allowances. Despite recommendations from a probing investigation by Werksmans Attorneys, which highlighted the need for contract termination due to irregular appointment processes, the necessary actions were delayed.

This delay prompted Minister Nzimande to dissolve the NSFAS board and place the entity under the administration of Freeman Nomvalo, the former SA accountant-general.

Implications of IT Failures on Student Welfare

The dissolution came at a critical time, aligning with widespread student complaints regarding the delayed payment of April allowances for both direct and accommodation needs. These delays underscored the NSFAS chronic inability to manage its basic operational responsibilities efficiently, further straining the student financial aid process.

Minister Nzimande criticized the board for its inadequate oversight and inability to ensure timely payment of allowances. Additionally, significant deficiencies in organizational capacity, such as non-functional call centers, have hindered effective communication and service delivery, impacting student well-being and contributing to substantial reputational damage to the NSFAS.

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Administrator Role in Stabilizing NSFAS

As the newly appointed administrator, Freeman Nomvalo’s role is pivotal. His primary responsibilities include restoring functional governance, management, and administration within NSFAS. His agenda includes addressing the urgent data integration issues, ensuring timely funding decisions, and facilitating the disbursement of student accommodation allowances. Moreover, Nomvalo will oversee the NSFAS’s preparations for the 2025 online application process, aiming for a smoother and more efficient system.

Continuous Dependency on Fintech Firms

Despite the controversy, the NSFAS will continue to depend on the existing fintech partners, namely Coinvest, eZaga Holdings, Norraco Corporation, and Tenet Technology, for disbursing allowances to TVET college students until a more permanent solution is implemented.

This decision comes even as universities have been granted an extension to handle their disbursements directly from April to July, highlighting a staggered approach to resolving financial disbursement issues.


The NSFAS stands at a crucial juncture, with its integrity and effectiveness under scrutiny. The recent upheavals demand a rigorous review and restructuring to restore trust and ensure that the scheme can continue to support over five million beneficiaries efficiently.

The focus moving forward will be on enhancing operational capabilities, tightening procurement and contract management processes, and ultimately ensuring that the financial aid reaches the hands of students promptly and transparently.

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