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Big New For SASSA Beneficiaries: Grant Will Be Increase



Big New For SASSA Beneficiaries: Grant Will Be Increase

Big New For SASSA Beneficiaries: Grant Will Be Increase. We strongly urge the South African people who are dependent on or are waiting for the release of SASSA social grants to read this article. Here, you can get all the pertinent details regarding SASSA Increase 2024: How much will SASSA Grant Increase in the Coming Year?

SASSA Grant Increase 2024

For millions of disadvantaged people, SASSA handouts are a vital source of products and services. SASSA Increase 2024 is necessary to alleviate the financial burdens on vulnerable areas.

The most recent Sassa grant increase took place in April, and the next increase of R10 will take effect on October 1, 2023. Most South Africans support and applaud the decision to extend the R350 SRD award for another year in 2024.

We recommend reading this article to learn more about SASSA Increase 2024, which is intended to improve financial stability and overall well-being of beneficiaries.

What is SASSA?

Millions of people receive social handouts throughout South Africa, disbursed by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). These grants cover essential support for older people, individuals with disabilities, child support, and the Special Relief of Distress Grant (SRD), commonly known as the R350 SRD Grant. SASSA plays a critical role in poverty reduction and providing financial assistance to vulnerable populations.

SASSA Increase Overview 2024

Article Title SASSA Increase 2024
Provided By South Africa
Implemented by Department of Social Development
Main Grants Disability Grant

Child Support Grant

Old-age Pension Grants

Social Relief Distress

Percentage Increase in 2024 Expected to be around 5%
Eligible Age 18-60 years
SASSA Payment Amount R350- R2,080
SASSA Official wesbite

How Much Will SASSA Grant Increase in the Coming Year?

The SRD grant will be extended through 2024, as declared by the government in response to the needs of the people. The SRD grant remains at R350 per month, with the extension financed by R36 billion until March 31, 2024. An increase in the SASSA payment is anticipated due to an expected rise in the inflation rate. While official dates are yet to be announced, unofficial reports suggest an approximate 5% increase in 2024.

SASSA Grants Payment

The government evaluates the value of social grants annually, considering factors like inflation and living expenses. These grants, provided in the form of monthly payments, aim to assist individuals in meeting basic needs. Beneficiaries are advised to utilize alternative methods, such as national retailers and mobile cash pay locations, for accessing their funds, rather than relying solely on post office branches.


Staying informed about the SASSA Increase 2024 is crucial for those dependent on social grants. With anticipated adjustments and potential increases, individuals can better navigate financial challenges and ensure continued support for vulnerable communities.

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