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All SASSA Grant Changes In March 2024: Everyone Must Know



All SASSA Grant Changes In March 2024: Everyone Must Know

All SASSA Grant Changes In March 2024: Everyone Must Know. The 2024 SASSA Grant Change is like a breath of fresh air for South Africa welfare system, bringing much-needed improvements for millions of people. One of the most important changes is that grants will be increased, giving more money to those who really need it for their everyday expenses.

This increase is happening at a time when the cost of living is going up, so it will help a lot of vulnerable individuals and families.

Overview of 2024 SASSA Grant Change

The 2024 SASSA grant change marks a significant development in South Africa’s social welfare system, impacting millions of beneficiaries across the country.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is responsible for administering various grants to assist vulnerable individuals and families, including the elderly, people with disabilities, and children.

One of the key changes in 2024 is the increase in grant amounts, a much-needed adjustment to help beneficiaries cope with the ever-increasing expenses they face. This boost in financial support is a testament to the government’s commitment to providing meaningful assistance to those who need it most.

Changes in 2024 SASSA Grant

In 2024, SASSA grants are getting a makeover to help more people cope with rising costs. Changes are being made to the rules and approvals to extend and increase grants for those in need.

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This means applicants could soon see more money in their grants. Since its initiation in October 2023, the grant extension has been effective, leading to adjustments in various grant categories.

The Child Grant, which supports families with childcare responsibilities, has increased from R500 to R510 per child. Similarly, the Pension Grant, crucial for retirees as their primary source of income, has seen a 5% increase to R1987 from R1900. Those with disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, are also benefiting.

The grant has gone up to R2080 from R2070. War veterans and their families are not left behind, with their grant increasing to R2105 from R2005. These changes show a commitment to supporting vulnerable groups across South Africa.

2024 SASSA Payment Dates

In 2024, knowing when your SASSA grant will be paid is important for planning your finances. Here are the payment dates for each grant:

  • Child Support: February 6, 2024, Amount Of Deposit: R510
  • Disability Grant: February 5, 2024, Amount Of Deposit: R2080
  • Retirement Grant: February 2, 2024, Amount Of Deposit: R1987
  • War Veteran Grants: February 2, 2024, Amount Of Deposit: R2105

How to Check SASSA Grant Payments

To check your SASSA grant payments on the official website, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Look for the tab or menu option related to grants or payments.
  3. Click on this option to check your payment dates or status.
  4. You will likely need to enter your ID number and select the type of grant you receive.
  5. Once you’ve entered your details, the website will display your payment status, including upcoming payment dates and recent transactions.
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Reasons For Delay in SASSA Grant

Delays in SASSA grant payments can stem from various factors, including administrative bottlenecks, incomplete applications, and technical glitches. The sheer volume of applications can overwhelm the system, leading to delays in processing. Additionally, changes in legislation or government policies may necessitate updates to the payment system, causing further delays.


The 2024 SASSA Grant Change signifies a pivotal moment in South Africa welfare system, offering increased financial assistance to vulnerable individuals and families. These enhancements aim to alleviate economic burdens and foster a more equitable society.

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