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SASSA Increases The Amount Of Feathers That Are Ruffled



SASSA Increases The Amount Of Feathers That Are Ruffled

SASSA Increases The Amount Of Feathers That Are Ruffled. In a move that has stirred a variety of reactions, the South African government has announced an increase of R20 on the Social Relief Grant (SRD), effective from April 1, 2024. This adjustment sees the R350 grant raised to R370, prompting both applause and criticism from different quarters.

Mixed Reactions

The news of the grant increase has generated mixed reactions, particularly from unions. While some perceive it as a positive step forward, others view it as inadequate and symbolic.

Disappointment from Saftu

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) expressed disappointment over what they see as a missed opportunity by the government. Saftu Secretary General, Zwelinzima Vavi, lamented the government’s failure to fulfill its promises regarding the Social Relief Grant’s potential evolution into a Basic Income Grant (BIG).

Vavi criticized the incremental increase of R20 as insufficient, describing it as “paltry” and “tokenish.”

Campaigning for More

Saftu and its allies have long advocated for a universal Basic Income Grant set at R1,500 per month. Vavi argued that the R20 increment falls far short of addressing the needs of the millions of South Africans living below the poverty line and struggling to afford basic necessities.

He emphasized that both the unemployed and youth in vulnerable situations would continue to face significant challenges despite the modest increase.

Cosatu Perspective

In contrast, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) welcomed the government’s decision to raise the grant. Cosatu acting national spokesman, Matthew Parks, acknowledged the importance of such adjustments, especially in light of the ongoing economic pressures faced by working-class communities. Parks highlighted the role of the SRD Grant in alleviating poverty and enabling recipients to meet their essential needs.

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Is The Increase Sufficient?

Is the R20 increase adequate? While some appreciate the government’s efforts to mitigate financial hardships, others argue that it falls short of addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality. As opinions continue to diverge, the debate over social welfare policies in South Africa remains a contentious issue.


The R20 increase in the Social Relief Grant has sparked debate and divided opinions across South Africa. While some view it as a step in the right direction, others believe it falls short of providing meaningful assistance to those in need.

As the country grapples with socio-economic challenges, finding sustainable solutions to uplift the most vulnerable remains a pressing priority.

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