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Will NSFAS Fund Me For 6 Years?



Will NSFAS Fund Me For 6 Years?

Will NSFAS Fund Me For 6 Years? In South Africa, pursuing higher education often comes with financial challenges. Many students rely on financial aid programs like the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to fund their studies. However, there’s often confusion and uncertainty about the duration of support NSFAS provides.

Will NSFAS Fund Me For 6 Years?

NSFAS funds a student for the duration of their studies, so they don’t have to reapply every semester or year. Funding for a student is granted for the entire academic year, as well as the subsequent years, if the student meets the academic progression requirements.

Understanding NSFAS Funding

NSFAS is a crucial initiative aimed at enabling students from low-income households to access tertiary education. It provides financial assistance in the form of loans and bursaries to eligible students to cover tuition fees, accommodation, and other essential expenses. However, the duration of NSFAS funding is subject to certain conditions and criteria.

Duration Of NSFAS Funding

  1. Normal Degree Duration: Typically, NSFAS funding covers the minimum duration required to complete a degree program. For most undergraduate degrees, this duration is three years. However, certain programs, such as medicine or engineering, may extend beyond the standard duration.
  2. Extension of Funding: NSFAS does offer the possibility of extending funding in certain cases. Students who require additional time to complete their degrees due to valid reasons may apply for an extension of NSFAS funding. Valid reasons may include failing subjects, changing courses, or facing personal challenges that affect academic progress.
  3. Maximum Funding Period: While NSFAS may consider funding extensions, there is a maximum limit to the duration of support. As of the latest information available, NSFAS typically provides funding for a maximum of one additional year beyond the standard duration of the program. Therefore, in total, NSFAS may fund a student for up to four years for an undergraduate degree.
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Special Considerations

  1. Appeals and Reviews: In cases where students believe they have valid reasons for further funding beyond the maximum period, they can appeal to NSFAS or undergo a review process. This involves providing documentation and evidence to support the request for extended funding.
  2. Postgraduate Funding: NSFAS primarily focuses on undergraduate funding. However, it does offer limited support for postgraduate studies in specific fields. Postgraduate funding is highly competitive, and eligibility criteria may vary.


While NSFAS is a valuable resource for many South African students, it’s essential to understand the limitations and conditions associated with its funding. While NSFAS typically covers the minimum duration of a degree program, extensions may be granted in certain circumstances. However, there is a maximum funding period, and students should plan their academic journey accordingly.

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