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Which Month Does NSFAS Start Paying?



Which Month Does NSFAS Start Paying?

Which Month Does NSFAS Start Paying? The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a vital lifeline for many South African students pursuing higher education. One common query among beneficiaries is: When does NSFAS start paying out funds? Understanding the payment schedule and timelines is crucial for students to plan their finances effectively and ensure a smooth academic journey.

Which Month Does NSFAS Start Paying?

NSFAS pays the UFS its initial payments to the UFS each year in February/March, and this payment is the first allowance payment that is made each year.

Commencement Month

For most students, NSFAS payments start rolling out from February or March, coinciding with the start of the first semester or trimester in South African universities and colleges. This initial payment is pivotal for covering registration fees, accommodation costs, and other essential expenses at the onset of the academic year.

Application Processing Time

The timeline for receiving NSFAS payments can also be influenced by the duration it takes for applications to be processed. Applicants are required to submit various documents and undergo verification procedures, which can impact the speed at which their funding is approved and disbursed. Delays in application processing can result in delayed payments.

Verification and Approval

Once applications are submitted, NSFAS conducts thorough assessments to verify eligibility criteria such as household income, academic performance, and registration status. This verification process is crucial for ensuring that funds are allocated to deserving students. Delays in verification or discrepancies in documentation can prolong the time taken for payments to be processed.

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Factors Affecting Payment Timelines

Several factors can affect the timing of NSFAS payments, including:

  1. Application Submission: Timely submission of complete and accurate applications expedites the processing of funding.
  2. Verification Process: Efficient verification of applicant information is essential for timely approval of funding.
  3. Institutional Procedures: Each educational institution may have its own administrative processes, which can influence payment timelines.
  4. Changes in Circumstances: Any changes in a student’s circumstances, such as academic progress or financial situation, may impact payment schedules.


In conclusion, NSFAS payments typically commence from February or March, coinciding with the start of the academic year in South Africa. However, various factors such as application processing time, verification procedures, and institutional processes can influence payment timelines. Students are advised to stay informed about the status of their applications and to promptly address any issues that may arise to ensure timely receipt of NSFAS funding.

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