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Updates And Closure Dates For SASSA Grants At Post Offices



Updates And Closure Dates For SASSA Grants At Post Offices

Updates And Closure Dates For SASSA Grants At Post Offices. The South African Post Office (Sapo) is in the process of phasing out cash payment points (CPPs) for social grants, with the first phase already underway. Understanding the closure schedule and alternative options is crucial for beneficiaries. Here’s a comprehensive guide.

Closure Schedule and Transition

Postbank has initiated the first phase of closing Post Office CPPs, with plans to complete the process by April 2024. Beneficiaries will gradually lose the ability to withdraw cash from Post Office branches, but non-cash services like card reissuances and PIN resets will still be available.

Alternative Payment Channels

Beneficiaries can utilize the SASSA grant card at various retailers and ATMs to access their funds. The move away from cash payouts aims to enhance security, address IT system incompatibilities, and manage capacity challenges faced by the Post Office.

Impact on Beneficiaries

The closure of CPPs may pose challenges for beneficiaries, especially those in rural areas. Black Sash has expressed concerns about increased travel costs and potential payment delays. Adequate communication and support from authorities are essential to help beneficiaries navigate this transition smoothly.

Communication Efforts and Assistance

Postbank and SASSA are implementing a nationwide communication program to inform beneficiaries about the closure of CPPs. This includes social media announcements, radio broadcasts, and community engagements. Beneficiaries can also contact SASSA directly for queries and assistance.


As Post Office cash payment points for SASSA grants undergo closure, beneficiaries must familiarize themselves with alternative payment options and stay informed about the transition schedule. Effective communication and support from relevant authorities are crucial to mitigate any challenges arising from this change. For queries or assistance, beneficiaries can reach out to SASSA through their toll-

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