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UP Settles R400 Million NSFAS Unallocated Funds



UP Settles R400 Million NSFAS Unallocated Funds

UP Settles R400 Million NSFAS Unallocated Funds. The University of Pretoria (UP) recently concluded its repayment of R400 million in unallocated funds owed to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), marking a significant step in rectifying financial discrepancies within the education sector.

UP Settles R400 Million NSFAS Unallocated Funds

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) disclosed that the funds, spanning from 2016 to 2021, were categorized as unallocated due to various reasons, including students changing institutions or deregistering.

These unallocated funds, intended for eligible students, were retained by the institutions, revealing systemic issues in control mechanisms and reconciliation processes within NSFAS.

Recovery Efforts

The SIU revealed that UP disbursed the owed amount in four installments of R100 million each, totaling R937,926,351 recovered from various higher education institutions since the commencement of the investigation in September 2022.

Other institutions, such as West Coast College, NorthLink College, Walter Sisulu University, Nkangala TVET College, and the University of Johannesburg, have also made significant repayments, underscoring a collective effort to address financial irregularities.

Identifying Control Weaknesses

An investigation by the SIU unearthed significant control weaknesses within NSFAS, particularly in the absence of annual reconciliation measures between disbursed funds and student allocations.

These deficiencies resulted in instances of overpayments and underpayments spanning from 2017 to the present. However, recent initiatives, such as the appointment of a service provider for reconciliation purposes, signify a proactive approach by NSFAS to address these shortcomings.

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Uncovering Operational Flaws

The SIU’ scrutiny extended beyond NSFAS to examine operational flaws within associated systems, including Celbux, a digital payment platform. Dormant accounts, amounting to an estimated value of R320 million, were discovered, highlighting inefficiencies in fund management and allocation.

Additionally, shortcomings in recording details of NSFAS-funded accommodations, including physical addresses and landlord information, point to broader operational deficiencies requiring urgent attention.

Moving Towards Accountability

While significant progress has been made in recovering unallocated funds and identifying systemic flaws, sustained efforts are necessary to ensure transparency, accountability, and effective financial management within the education sector.

Collaborative measures between regulatory bodies, educational institutions, and service providers are essential in implementing robust controls and reconciliation processes to safeguard the integrity of student financial aid programs.


The resolution of the R400 million unallocated funds owed by UP to NSFAS signifies a pivotal step towards addressing financial discrepancies and strengthening governance frameworks within the education sector.

Through concerted efforts and ongoing reforms, stakeholders can foster a conducive environment for equitable access to education and ensure that financial resources are efficiently allocated to benefit deserving students.

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