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University Of Mpumalanga Late Application 2024



University Of Mpumalanga Late Application 2024

University Of Mpumalanga Late Application 2024. University Of Mpumalanga (UMP) is offering a late application window for prospective students who wish to enroll in the 2024 academic session. This article provides comprehensive information on how to navigate the UMP late application process, including key dates, application procedures, and admission requirements.

University Of Mpumalanga Late Application Period

The UMP late application period for 2024 spans from January 9 to February 28, 2024. This extended window provides an opportunity for individuals who missed the initial application deadline to still apply for admission to Mpumalanga University.


University Of Mpumalanga Late Application Process

Prospective students interested in applying to UMP during the late application period can do so online through the university’s official website at Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete the late application process:

  1. Visit the UMP Application Portal: Access the UMP online application portal using a web browser and navigate to the designated page for late applications.
  2. Fill out the Application Form: Complete the application form with accurate information, ensuring that all required fields are properly filled.
  3. Upload Required Documents: Prepare and upload the necessary documents, such as academic transcripts, identification documents (ID for South African applicants, passport for foreign applicants), and any additional materials requested by the university.
  4. Application Fee: Pay the applicable application fee as specified by the university. This fee is necessary to process your application and should be paid online through the designated payment gateway.
  5. Accommodation Preferences: Indicate whether you require on-campus accommodation by marking the relevant option on the application form.
  6. Faculty-Specific Requirements: Before submitting your application, review and adhere to any faculty-specific requirements outlined by UMP. This ensures that you meet all criteria for your chosen program of study.
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University Of Mpumalanga Late Application Admission Requirements

UMP sets specific admission requirements for undergraduate certificate and diploma study programs. Prospective students must meet these criteria to be considered for admission. 

  • Undergraduate Certificate Study: Applicants must consult the Admissions Office or the relevant faculty to confirm eligibility. Specific requirements may vary depending on the program of study.
  • Undergraduate Diploma Study: The minimum requirement for admission to undergraduate diploma study is a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with an achievement rating of 3 or better in four recognized NSC 20-credit subjects.

Important Notes

  • Applicants are encouraged to apply early in the application cycle to secure their place at UMP. The application window closes at the end of July for undergraduate applicants and at the end of October for postgraduate applicants.
  • Postgraduate applicants must apply online, as offline applications are not accepted.


The UMP late application process offers an opportunity for prospective students to pursue their academic goals at Mpumalanga University. By following the instructions outlined in this guide, applicants can successfully complete their late application and take the first step towards their educational journey at UMP. For further information and inquiries, visit the official UMP website or contact the institution directly.

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