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Unclaimed SASSA Grants Expire After a Certain Period of Time?



Unclaimed SASSA Grants Expire After a Certain Period of Time?

Unclaimed SASSA Grants Expire After a Certain Period of Time. Sassa grant payments help millions of people meet their basic needs and access essential services each month. A crucial role of the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is to distribute social support grants to financially vulnerable individuals. Here, we examine the fate of unclaimed Sassa grants and whether they expire.

Types of Grants Distributed by Sassa

There are 19 million permanent grants distributed by Sassa, including pensions for older persons, disability grants for war veterans, care dependency grants, foster child grants, child support grants, child support grants top-ups, and grants-in-aids. In the first days of each month, these grants are disbursed, and beneficiaries can pick them up at Post Offices, banks, and retail stores.

Flexibility in Grant Collection

Sassa reminds grant beneficiaries that they do not have to collect the funds on the exact payment date. Once the funds are deposited into their accounts, they remain available until the beneficiary decides to use them. However, questions arise regarding the fate of grants that are unclaimed.

What Happens to an Unclaimed Sassa Grant?

When a beneficiary fails to claim their grant for three consecutive months, the grant will expire. In other words, if a grant payment has not been collected for three months, the individual will cease to be a beneficiary. Before the grant expires, Sassa notifies beneficiaries by letter in advance.

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Important Communication and Address Updates

In order to ensure that beneficiaries are well informed of the impending lapse of a social grant, Sassa asks that they provide accurate contact information and addresses.


Restoration Process for Unclaimed Grants

A beneficiary facing a grant lapse has 90 days to apply for restoration from the date of suspension. Failure to do so will result in the grant being considered unclaimed. Subsequently, the beneficiary must reapply.

Application Requirements for Restoration

When applying for the restoration of a social grant, beneficiaries must include reasons for not responding to the request for review or the intention to suspend. An administrative process is also part of the application, examining how the beneficiary handled finances during the suspension. The application for restoration requires support from a letter issued by Sassa, explaining the reason for the suspension or lapse of the grant.


Timely collection of Sassa grants is crucial to avoid expiration. Beneficiaries should update their information to receive notifications. With a 90-day restoration window, prompt action is vital to prevent the lapse and ensure continued financial support.

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