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UKZN Courses and Requirements 2024



UKZN Courses and Requirements 2024

UKZN Courses and Requirements 2024. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a wide array of courses across its campuses. As prospective students gear up for the 2024 academic year, this article serves as a comprehensive guide to the courses available and their respective requirements at UKZN.


UKZN Courses and Requirements 2024

Each course at UKZN has specific entry requirements that prospective students must meet. These requirements may include academic qualifications, subject prerequisites, and minimum grade thresholds. It is essential to thoroughly review the entry requirements for your chosen course to ensure eligibility.

List of  UKZN Courses Available

College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science

The College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Science at UKZN provides a diverse range of programs, including but not limited to:

  • B Sc Eng: Agricultural (H&P)
  • B Sc Eng: Chemical (H&P)
  • B Sc Eng: Civil (H&P)
  • B Sc Eng: Computer (H&P)
  • B Sc Eng: Electrical (H&P)
  • B Sc Eng: Electronic (H&P)
  • B Sc Eng: Mechanical (H&P)
  • B Sc: Land Surveying (H)
  • B Sc Eng: Extended Programme (H)
  • B Sc: Property Development (H)
  • B Agric (Agricultural Extensions and Rural Resource Management) (P)
  • B Agricultural Management (P)
  • B Sc Agric (P)
  • B Sc Agric: Agribusiness (P)
  • B Sc Agric: Agricultural Economics (P)
  • B Sc Agric: Agricultural Plant Sciences (P)
  • B Sc Agric: Animal and Poultry Science (P)
  • B Sc Agric: Plant Pathology (P)
  • B Sc Agric: Soil Science (P)
  • B Sc Stream LES (Life Earth Sciences) (P&W)
  • B Sc Stream M (Mathematics) (P&W)
  • B Sc Applied Chemistry (W)
  • B Sc Biological Science (P&W)
  • B Sc Chemistry and Chemical Technology (P)
  • B Sc Computer Science and Information Technology (P&W)
  • B Sc Crop and Horticultural Science (P)
  • B Sc Dietetics (P)
  • B Sc Environmental Science (P&W)
  • B Sc Environmental Earth Science (P&W)
  • B Sc Geological Science (W)
  • B Sc Industrial and Applied Biotechnology (P)
  • B Sc Marine Biology (W)
  • B Sc 4 Augmented Programme (P&W)
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College of Health Sciences:

The College of Health Sciences offers programs vital for healthcare and research professionals. Some notable courses include:

  • Bachelor of Audiology (W)
  • Bachelor of Speech-Language Pathology (W)
  • B Dental Therapy (W)
  • B Medical Science: Anatomy (W)
  • B Medical Science: Physiology (W)
  • B Occupational Therapy (W)
  • B Optometry (W)
  • B Pharmacy (W)
  • B Physiotherapy (W)
  • B Sport Science (W)
  • B Nursing (H)
  • B Medicine & B Surgery (M)

College of Humanities: T

he College of Humanities at UKZN provides a rich tapestry of programs covering arts, social sciences, and more. Some highlighted courses include:

  • B Ed (E)
  • B A (General Studies) (H&P)
  • B A Cultural & Heritage Tourism (H)
  • B A Philosophy, Politics and Law (H&P)
  • B A International Studies (P)
  • B A Music (H)
  • B A Music & Drama Performance (H)
  • B A Visual Art (P)
  • B Soc Sc (General Studies) (H & P)
  • B Soc Sc Geography & Environmental Management (H & P)
  • B Soc Sc Government, Business & Ethics (P)
  • B Soc Sc Housing (H)
  • B Architectural Studies (H)
  • B Music (H)
  • B Social Work (H)
  • B Theology (P)
  • Dip Jazz & Popular Music (H)
  • Dip Music Perf. Classical or African Music & Dance or Opera or Choral Studies (H)
  • B Soc Sc Extended Curriculum Programme (H&P)

College of Law and Management Studies:

The College of Law and Management Studies caters to legal and business disciplines. Key programs include:

  • B Laws (H & P)
  • B Laws (p/t) (H & P)
  • B Admin (W)
  • B Business Administration (P & W)
  • B Business Science (P & W)
  • B Com (P & W)
  • B Com Accounting (P & W)
  • B Com Extended Curriculum (General) (P & W)
  • B Com Extended Curriculum (Accounting) (P & W)



Aspiring students seeking a holistic and enriching academic experience can explore the diverse courses offered at UKZN in 2024. Whether you aspire to delve into agriculture, health sciences, humanities, or law and management, UKZN provides a platform for academic growth and excellence. To embark on your educational journey, carefully review the specific requirements for your desired program and campus, ensuring a seamless application process for the upcoming academic year.

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