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TUT SRC President Suspended After NSFAS Protest Participation



TUT SRC President Suspended After NSFAS Protest Participation

TUT SRC President Suspended After NSFAS Protest Participation. In a recent turn of events, the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) has taken decisive action by suspending Keamogetswe Masike, the President of the Student Representative Council (SRC). The suspension follows allegations that Masike played a pivotal role in an unauthorized student protest that transpired in Pretoria. This article delves into the details of the protest, its motivations, and the implications of Masike’s suspension.

The Unrest: Protest Against NSFAS Direct Payment System

Last week, TUT’s campus was marred by a fervent demonstration led by frustrated and disappointed students. The bone of contention was the newly introduced National Student Financial Aid Scheme’s (NSFAS) direct payment system. Students gathered outside the offices of Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande to voice their concerns about the perceived issues with this system.

Solidarity Across Campuses

TUT’s protest gained solidarity and momentum as University of Pretoria students and the EFF students command joined forces with the demonstrators. This united front underscored the gravity of the situation, emphasizing that the issues with the new NSFAS system were not isolated to a single institution but resonated across campuses.

Wider Ripples: University of Free State’s Involvement

The echoes of dissent also reached the University of Free State, where students mirrored the protests against the NSFAS direct payment system. The situation escalated to the extent that physical classes were suspended on the grounds of safety concerns. This indicates the potency of the issue and the urgent need for resolution.

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Suspension: Consequences for Keamogetswe Masike

Amidst the unrest, Keamogetswe Masike, TUT’s SRC president, found himself in the eye of the storm. The university administration took decisive action, issuing a suspension letter to Masike. This suspension effectively bars him from participating in any TUT-related activities or events, except with explicit university permission.

The Ultimatum: Compliance or Expulsion

The suspension letter also carries a stern warning. Masike is cautioned that failing to adhere to the suspension’s terms could lead to his expulsion from TUT. The administration, through the office of Vice-Chancellor and Principal Tinyiko Maluleke, outlined the allegations of misconduct against Masike. The letter details how his participation in an unauthorized student protest disrupted fellow students’ activities and destabilized the university’s functioning.

The Path Forward: Investigations and Disciplinary Proceedings

TUT’s suspension of Masike serves as a testament to the university’s commitment to upholding its rules and regulations. The suspension will remain in effect as investigations are conducted and disciplinary proceedings are initiated against him. The administration aims to address the situation transparently and in accordance with due process.


The suspension of TUT’s SRC president, Keamogetswe Masike, sheds light on the complex dynamics between student activism and institutional regulations. The protest against the NSFAS direct payment system serves as a reflection of the challenges students face in navigating the higher education landscape. As the investigation unfolds, the university community watches closely, hoping for a fair and just resolution that addresses both the concerns of the students and the need to maintain order on campus

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