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The Best Senior Discounts in Canada | What Are Your Options?



The Best Senior Discounts in Canada | What Are Your Options?

The Best Senior Discounts in Canada | What Are Your Options. As the cost of living continues to rise in Canada, finding effective strategies to save money becomes crucial, especially for seniors. Retirement and Social Security payments may not cover all expenses, making it essential to explore alternative ways to save.

One valuable approach is leveraging the Senior Discounts for Canada offered by various retailers and businesses. These discounts, ranging from percentage reductions to complimentary goods or services, can significantly contribute to financial relief.

Exploring Senior Discounts

Discovering which businesses provide Senior Discounts for Canada and understanding the discount range may require some effort. This post aims to simplify the process and provide insights into how seniors can access excellent discounts on groceries, transportation, and dining out.

Senior Discounts for Canada 2023

Senior discounts are a popular benefit for Canadians aged 50 and above. Numerous companies offer these discounts to attract and support senior citizens in their purchasing decisions. While the specifics of discounts vary by region and business, seniors can enjoy savings on a wide range of products and services.

Eligibility Criteria

Senior citizens in Canada, generally aged 50 or older, are eligible for a diverse array of discounts. The age requirements, however, may differ between businesses. Some establishments may extend discounts starting at age 55, while others may set the threshold at 60 or 65. Additionally, seniors with modest incomes might qualify for additional perks.

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What Are Senior Discounts in Canada?

Senior discounts are tailored for Canadians who have reached a certain age, typically between 55 and 60 years old. Some businesses may specifically target those aged 65 or older, aligning with the recognized retirement age.

Recipients of senior discounts in Canada may experience similar preferential treatment as individuals receiving CPP and OAS at the age of 65 and older.

Verifying Eligibility

Seniors should inquire at each business about their eligibility for special discounts based on age. This proactive approach ensures that seniors can take advantage of available savings opportunities.

List of Senior Discounts for Canada 2023

Grocery Stores

  • M&M Food Market: Customers aged 60 and above can save 10% every Tuesday, both online and in-store.
  • Bulk Barn: Seniors aged 65 and above enjoy a 10% discount every Wednesday.
  • Safeway: Earn and redeem points with a Scene card.
  • Giant Tiger: Get a 10% discount on the 1st Monday of the month for those aged 60 and above.

Drug Stores

  • Shoppers Drug Mart: Senior Canadians can save 20% every Thursday with a PC Optimum card.
  • Rexall: Enjoy a 20% discount on regular-priced items every Tuesday for seniors aged 55 and above.
  • Pharmasave: Collect and spend points with a Pharmasave card.

Fast Food

  • McDonald: Participating locations offer discounted coffee for senior Canadians aged 55 and above.
  • Taco Bell: Canadians aged 65 and above receive a free drink and at least 5% off their meal.
  • Burger King: Enjoy a discounted meal.
  • A&W: Seniors aged 60 and above receive a 10% discount at select locations.
  • Subway: Seniors aged 60 and above get a 10% discount.
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  • Parks Canada: Enjoy discounts for Canadians aged 65 and above.
  • Landmark Cinemas: Every Monday, Canadians aged 65 and above receive a 20% discount on admission and concessions.
  • Cineplex: Discounts are available for Canadians aged 65 and above on cheap Tuesday and regular admission days.
  • Travel
  • Via Rail: Seniors aged 60 and above receive a 10% discount with a CAA card.
  • Greyhound: Canadians aged 62 and above enjoy a 5% discount.


  • The Bay: Seniors aged 60 and above receive a 15% discount on the 1st Tuesday of the month with HBC Rewards.
  • Michaels: Canadians aged 55 and above receive a 10% discount on regular and sale items every day.
  • Value Village: Senior Canadians receive a 30% discount every Tuesday at select locations.
  • Rona: Enjoy a 15% discount on regular-priced products for those aged 50 and above on the first Tuesday of the month.
  • Home Hardware: Receive a 10% senior Canada discount at select locations.


Senior discounts in Canada is a practical way for individuals aged 50 and above to navigate rising expenses. With discounts spanning groceries, entertainment, travel, and retail, seniors can maximize savings. Stay informed about eligibility criteria and enjoy the financial benefits these exclusive offers bring to enhance your overall quality of life.

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