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SUSI Payment Dates 2024: How To Apply For SUSI Grants



SUSI Payment Dates 2024: How To Apply For SUSI Grants

SUSI Payment Dates 2024: How To Apply For SUSI Grants. Are you a student aspiring to study at U.S. institutes through the SUSI program? If so, understanding the SUSI payment dates and eligibility criteria is crucial for a smooth application process. This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about SUSI payment dates for 2024, eligibility requirements, and how to receive your grants.

What is SUSI?

The Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) Program is a short-term academic program designed for student leaders from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. It aims to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the United States and enhance their leadership skills, focusing on entrepreneurship and economic development in the year 2024.

SUSI Payment Dates 2024

The SUSI program for 2024 is scheduled to take place in February and March. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum including academy residency, group leadership activities, seminars, community service, cultural activities, and possibly a one-week study tour. The U.S. State Department covers all costs for participants, including international travel, visas, program administration, books, housing, and more.

SUSI Grants Payment Dates 2024

For higher education students, SUSI grants are disbursed on specific dates throughout the academic year. Here are the payment dates for 2024:

Higher Education Students

Name of Month  SUSI Grants Payment Date 2024 SUSI Grants Payment Day 2024
September September 14, 2023 Thursday
October October 12, 2023 Thursday
November November 9, 2023 Thursday
December December 14, 2023 Thursday
January January 11, 2024 Thursday
February February 15, 2024 Thursday
March March 14, 2024 Thursday
April April 11, 2024 Thursday
May May 16, 2024 Thursday

PLC Students

Name of Month  SUSI Grants Payment Date 2024 SUSI Grants Payment Day 2024
October October 19, 2023 Thursday
November November 16, 2023 Thursday
December December 14, 2023 Thursday
January January 18, 2024 Thursday
February February 22, 2024 Thursday
March March 21, 2024 Thursday
April April 18, 2024 Thursday
May May 23, 2024 Thursday
June June 13, 2024 Thursday

SUSI Eligibility 2024

To be eligible for the SUSI program in 2024, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Age: Minimum 18 years old, maximum 25 years old.
  • Enrollment: Must be enrolled in higher education institutions in Chile (private or public).
  • Interest: Demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship and economic development.
  • Commitment: Must commit to returning to home universities after program completion.
  • Leadership: Strong leadership qualities in community and university activities.
  • Language: Proficiency in English, without the need for an international English test.
  • Academic Achievement: High academic achievement.
  • Participation: Actively participate in community and extracurricular activities.
  • Travel History: No or minimal travel/study experience in the USA or other countries outside their home country.
  • Personal Attributes: Mature, responsible, self-dependent, and open-minded.
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How to Receive SUSI Payment Dates 2024

Follow these steps to receive your SUSI grants payment for 2024:

  1. Confirmation Letter: SUSI will send a confirmation letter regarding grant payment. Ensure you have this letter for reference.
  2. Enrollment: Enroll in your college for the new academic session.
  3. Confirmation Process: SUSI will verify your registration with your college. The confirmation must be received at least one week before the payment date.
  4. Bank Details: Submit your bank details via the SUSI student portal. Ensure your account is open and active in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) for electronic fund transfers.
  5. Update Information: If you’ve submitted a new application form with a reference number starting with “W2324,” update your bank details accordingly.

By following these steps and meeting the eligibility criteria, you can ensure a smooth process for receiving SUSI grants and participate in this enriching academic program. For more information and official updates, visit the SUSI website at


The SUSI program offers an invaluable opportunity for student leaders to broaden their horizons, enhance their skills, and contribute to their communities. With proper understanding of payment dates and eligibility requirements, students can make the most of this life-changing experience.

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