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Student’s Heartbreak As NSFAS Dumps Them!



Student's Heartbreak As NSFAS Dumps Them!

Student’s Heartbreak As NSFAS Dumps Them! Students at Sedibeng TVET in the Vaal are facing a dire situation as landlords are allegedly evicting them from their accommodations. This unfortunate turn of events stems from the failure of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to pay accommodation fees to their landlords.

The affected students, who reside in private accommodations approved by NSFAS, are now left scrambling to find alternative housing, with a looming deadline of Friday, 8th March.

Plight Of Students

Many students express frustration and helplessness in the face of this predicament. Some reveal that they haven’t received living allowances from NSFAS since October 2023, exacerbating their financial strain. Without the support they relied on, they now find themselves at risk of homelessness, with limited options available.

Testimonies of Struggle

A student, preferring anonymity, highlights the desperation felt by many affected students. “Landlords have been giving us grace, but they’ve reached their limit. We’re left with no choice and no place to go,” they lament. The situation is particularly challenging for those who come from distant areas like Katlehong, adding another layer of difficulty to their plight.

Impact on Mental Well-being

The emotional toll on students is palpable, with many feeling the strain on their mental health. Being thrust into uncertainty while trying to maintain academic focus takes a severe toll. “This affects us mentally. We’re trying to study, but now we’re being pushed out. It’s unacceptable,” expresses one student, echoing the sentiments of many in their situation.

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Financial Burden On Parents

Parents, already grappling with financial challenges, are deeply troubled by their children’s predicament. Unemployment leaves them powerless to assist, compounding their distress. “If I had a job, I’d support my child, but I’m struggling myself,” shares one parent, illustrating the pervasive impact of NSFAS’s shortcomings.

Government Intervention

The Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande, recently announced measures to address some of the issues within NSFAS. These include capping accommodation costs and adjusting living allowances to provide more support to students. While these steps are welcomed, they come amid a backdrop of ongoing challenges within the system.


The situation faced by students at Sedibeng TVET underscores the urgent need for systemic improvements within NSFAS. Beyond financial aid, students require reliable support structures to navigate their educational journeys successfully. As stakeholders work towards solutions, the immediate priority must be to provide assistance to those most in need, ensuring that no student’s education is derailed by administrative failures.

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