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Students Funded by NSFAS Do Not Have to Pay Registration Fees



Students Funded by NSFAS Do Not Have to Pay Registration Fees

Students Funded by NSFAS Do Not Have to Pay Registration Fees. Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Buti Manamela, has revealed that all National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) applicants provisionally approved can register at institutions without the burden of upfront fees. This comes in the wake of an announcement by Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande, stating that NSFAS is set to disburse up to four-point-two billion rand as an upfront payment to all government colleges and universities.

NSFAS Upfront Payment Initiative

The groundbreaking initiative by NSFAS aims to streamline the registration process by providing an upfront payment to educational institutions. Minister Nzimande emphasized that this substantial financial injection is intended to facilitate the smooth progression of applications and registrations, eliminating the need for students to pay registration fees upfront.

Students Funded by NSFAS Do Not Have to Pay Registration Fees

No, you do not have to pay for your registration if your NSFAS funding was approved. You should be aware that Financial Aid will allocate your NSFAS funds on the UFS system, which will remove the registration prepayment block, allowing you to register without having to make any payment.

Deputy Minister Manamela Clarification

Deputy Minister Buti Manamela clarified that students who have received provisional approval from NSFAS are not required to make upfront payments for registration fees. He urged eligible students to promptly proceed to their respective institutions and present the details of their provisional approval for seamless registration.

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Guarding Against Scams

While celebrating this positive shift, Manamela also issued a cautionary note, urging funded students to remain vigilant against potential scams on campuses. He emphasized the importance of authenticating messages and instructions related to NSFAS approvals, urging students to rely on official communication channels provided by their institutions.

Manamela Directive to NSFAS Funded Students

Addressing the funded students, Manamela stated, “If you’ve applied and you get a message that says provisionally approved, then it means that you are approved. You must go to your institution and show them those details. The institution should already know that you are provisionally approved, and you should register.”

Eliminating a Long-Standing Issue

Deputy Minister Manamela acknowledged that the upfront payment of registration fees has been a persistent issue for years, causing financial strain on students and their families. He emphasized that funded students should not agree to pay upfront registration fees, putting an end to a long-standing concern in the education sector.


The recent announcement by Deputy Minister Buti Manamela brings relief to NSFAS-funded students, eliminating the financial barrier of upfront registration fees. With the substantial upfront payment initiative, the South African government aims to ease the registration process for students, ensuring a more accessible and inclusive higher education system. As students embrace this positive change, vigilance against potential scams remains crucial, emphasizing the need for authentic communication channels.

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