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States and Tribal Nations to Receive New SNAP Benefits Next January: Know Who Qualifies



States and Tribal Nations to Receive New SNAP Benefits Next January: Know Who Qualifies

States and Tribal Nations to Receive New SNAP Benefits Next January: Know Who Qualifies. Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program was introduced by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to combat childhood hunger during the summer months. Learn about the upcoming changes and how they aim to provide crucial nutritional support to eligible families.

States and Tribal Nations Pave the Way

SNAP Summer EBT will be implemented in 2024 by states and tribal nations, including Chickasaw Nation, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. Find out how this initiative will set a precedent for others and learn more about their plans.

Who Qualifies for the Summer 2024 Food Stamps Program?

Get an overview of the Summer EBT program, which provides essential grocery benefits to families with school-age children during the summer. Learn how this strategic initiative aims to meet the nutritional needs of 29 million children nationwide in order to foster optimal growth and well-being.

Legislative Action to Alleviate Summer Hunger

Discover how Congress bridged the summer hunger gap in late 2022 with bipartisan efforts. As the first federal nutrition initiative in decades, the Summer EBT program was the result of their decisive action, which led to the enactment of legislation. During the summer break, we are committed to ensuring children are able to access vital nutritional support.

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Monetary Support for Summer EBT Beneficiaries

Learn about the financial aspect of the Summer EBT program, which will provide families with $40 each summer month for eligible children. Follow the same rules as the SNAP benefits program for the purchase of food at grocery stores, farmers markets, or other authorized retailers, with a list of permitted and prohibited foods.

The Impact of Summer EBT on Childhood Food Security

Learn about the USDA’s extensive testing and demonstration projects in particular states and tribal nations. Learn about how the Summer EBT program, set to begin in January 2024, aims to reduce the number of children with very low food security by approximately one-third. Discover how it can help beneficiaries adopt healthier eating habits.


As the Summer EBT program gears up for its inaugural year in 2024, the collaborative efforts of states and tribal nations signal a promising stride in combating childhood hunger. With $40 monthly support per eligible child, this initiative embodies a commitment to fostering nutrition and well-being.

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