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State-Of-The-Art JG Zuma Secondary School Nearing Completion



State-Of-The-Art JG Zuma Secondary School Nearing Completion

State-Of-The-Art JG Zuma Secondary School Nearing Completion. The construction of the new JG Zuma Secondary School in M-section, KwaMashu, is progressing rapidly, with completion anticipated in the near future. Spearheaded by the MEC for Human Settlements and Public Works, Sipho “KK” Nkosi, this state-of-the-art educational facility is poised to become a beacon of learning excellence in the region.

State-Of-The-Art JG Zuma Secondary School Nearing Completion

“JG Zuma Secondary School Nearing Completion” refers to the progress of the construction of the JG Zuma Secondary School, which is close to being finished. This indicates that the construction work on the school building and facilities is almost done, and the school is getting ready to open its doors to students and staff. It suggests that the construction project is reaching its final stages, with the finishing touches being applied and preparations being made for the school’s inauguration.

Cost and Progress

The project, with a budget of R71 million, underscores the commitment of the government to provide modern educational infrastructure to communities in need. MEC Nkosi expressed satisfaction with the project’s advancement during a recent inspection visit. He emphasized the importance of completing the school promptly to alleviate congestion issues faced by learners currently attending the Bester area school premises.

Community Support

One of the key highlights of this endeavor has been the unwavering support of the local community in M-section, KwaMashu. Their dedication to safeguarding the construction site has been instrumental in ensuring the project’s smooth progression. MEC Nkosi lauded the community’s involvement and urged them to continue protecting the school, emphasizing its significance for future generations.

Empowerment Through Employment

The construction project has not only contributed to infrastructural development but has also served as a platform for empowering local residents. MEC Nkosi highlighted the significant employment opportunities created, particularly for women and young people. By engaging the community in the construction process, the project fosters a sense of ownership and pride among residents.

Vision for Excellence

MEC Nkosi, who previously served as the founding principal of JG Zuma Secondary School, envisions the new premises as a center of excellence. The technologically advanced school will feature amenities such as a mini soccer field, catering to both academic and extracurricular activities. This holistic approach aims to nurture well-rounded individuals equipped for success in various spheres of life.

Addressing Challenges

The relocation to the new premises addresses longstanding challenges faced by the old school, including congestion and safety concerns. Wonderboy Caluza, Chairperson of the JG Zuma Secondary School Governing Body, expressed optimism about the transition. He emphasized the importance of community involvement in ensuring the safety and security of the school, urging parents and residents to actively participate in its upkeep.


The nearing completion of the new JG Zuma Secondary School signifies a significant milestone in the quest to provide quality education and foster community development. With its modern facilities and community-centric approach, the school is poised to empower future generations and serve as a catalyst for positive change in KwaMashu and beyond.

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