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SRD Grants Will See Big Changes In April



SRD Grants Will See Big Changes In April

In April 2024, South Africa’s Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant program is set to undergo significant changes, promising a dual benefit for millions of recipients. Alongside an increase in monthly payments, the structure of the grant itself will see notable revisions. Let’s delve into the details of these forthcoming adjustments and their implications for beneficiaries.

SRD Grants Will See Big Changes In April

Starting April 2024, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is poised to disburse SRD grant payments to over 8 million recipients, marking the commencement of heightened monthly allocations. Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s announcement in March 2024 revealed a noteworthy rise in the SRD grant payment from R350 to R370, signaling a 5.7% increment in grant disbursements.

Official Confirmation

The augmentation of the SRD grant was confirmed by Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu in Government Notice No. R. 3210 dated 29 March 2023. Minister Zulu’s announcement solidifies the increase in SRD grant payments, bringing tangible relief to beneficiaries across the country.

Regulatory Changes

In conjunction with the heightened payments, Minister Zulu has introduced substantial amendments to the SRD grant regulations, as delineated in official gazettes. These regulatory updates encompass diverse facets aimed at streamlining the administration and utilization of the grant.

Fund Recovery (Section 6A): One pivotal addition is Section 6A, empowering Sassa to reclaim erroneously disbursed funds. This provision enables the agency to recover payments made to ineligible individuals and those failing to furnish requisite personal or banking details within stipulated timelines. Beneficiaries are thus urged to ensure the accuracy of their provided information to avert potential complications.


Handling of Beneficiary Deaths (Section 6B)

Section 6B delineates procedures following the demise of an SRD grant recipient. Upon the beneficiary’s passing, the grant will cease, with payments concluding by the end of the respective month. This regulatory provision ensures a timely cessation of grant disbursements in such circumstances.

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Continuity Measures (Section 6C)

To facilitate a seamless transition amidst regulatory amendments, Section 6C outlines temporary measures ensuring uninterrupted assessment and payment processes. Sassa will utilize data from the March 2024 assessment cycle to sustain assessments and payments until May 2024, providing a buffer period for beneficiaries and administrators alike.


As April 2024 approaches, the landscape of SRD grants in South Africa is poised for significant evolution. With heightened payments and revised regulations, the forthcoming changes aim to enhance the efficacy and integrity of the SRD grant program, ultimately fostering greater support and assistance for those in need across the nation.

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