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Skills Development – But Not As We Know It!



Skills Development - But Not As We Know It!

Skills Development – But Not As We Know It! South Africa grapples with a dual challenge: a scarcity of skills and an economy in decline. Jon Foster-Pedley, dean and director of Henley Business School Africa, advocates for a reversal of these trends to catalyze economic transformation.

Talent Development Imperative

Foster-Pedley contends that South Africa’s issue isn’t a lack of talent but a deficiency in talent development. He asserts that businesses and institutions suffer from a dearth of effective managers capable of driving productivity and fostering growth.

Henley Business School Africa proposes a novel educational approach: a “post-experience” qualification pathway in Management Practice. This unique initiative aims to expedite the development of managerial competencies among working South Africans, thereby enhancing both individual careers and organizational performance.

Unleashing Existing Potential For Rapid Impact

Foster-Pedley emphasizes the need to harness the potential of two key demographics: experienced professionals and established entrepreneurs. By empowering these groups with enhanced skills and knowledge, immediate benefits can be realized within their respective spheres of influence.

Henley’s innovative suite of “post-experience” accredited qualifications in management practice targets individuals at different career stages, from junior to senior management levels. This structured approach accelerates skills acquisition and instills confidence, offering a significant boost to both individuals and their employing organizations.

A Paradigm Shift In Education

Foster-Pedley advocates for a paradigm shift in management training, advocating for accessibility, efficiency, and practical relevance. By providing a formal learning pathway that aligns with professional experience, individuals can seamlessly integrate learning into their work lives, resulting in tangible skill enhancement and heightened motivation.

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Expanding Reach: Henley Presence in Cape Town

In a strategic move to bridge the talent gap, Henley Business School Africa has established a campus in Cape Town. This expansion aims to better serve corporate clients in the region and tap into new markets. The introduction of the foundation LIFT! Programme, a Higher Certificate in Management Practice, marks the beginning of Henley’s educational offerings in Cape Town.

Empowering Through Scholarships

To commemorate this milestone, Henley Business School Africa is committed to offering scholarships for the LIFT! Programme to deserving candidates in Cape Town. These scholarships aim to support individuals from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate potential for driving positive change in their communities and industries.

Looking Ahead: A Call to Action

Foster-Pedley urges aspiring changemakers and visionaries in Cape Town to seize this opportunity for personal and professional growth. By investing in skilled and passionate individuals, Henley aims to cultivate a cadre of transformative leaders capable of propelling Africa’s economic resurgence.

For further details on the LIFT! Higher Certificate in Management Practice Programme and scholarship opportunities, interested individuals can contact Pranisha Behary on 083 273 3565, 011 808 0860, or email [email protected].

Henley Business School Africa is committed to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation, empowering individuals to thrive in an ever-evolving economic landscape. Join us on this transformative journey towards a brighter future for South Africa.


Henley Business School Africa pioneering approach to skills development offers a ray of hope in South Africa’s quest for economic revitalization. Through targeted educational interventions and strategic partnerships, Henley aims to nurture a generation of dynamic leaders poised to drive sustainable growth and prosperity.

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