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SIU Recovers Over R700m From Tertiary Institutions As Part Of NSFAS Investigation



SIU Recovers Over R700m From Tertiary Institutions As Part Of NSFAS Investigation

SIU Recovers Over R700m From Tertiary Institutions As Part Of NSFAS Investigation. The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has been making significant strides in its investigation into the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), aiming to root out maladministration and corruption. As part of this extensive probe, the SIU has recovered nearly R700 million from tertiary institutions, signaling a crucial step towards restoring accountability and transparency in the distribution of funds meant for higher education.

The SIU Progress in Fund Recovery

Since the inception of its investigation, the SIU has been actively pursuing the recovery of misappropriated funds within the NSFAS framework. During a recent update provided to Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA), the SIU highlighted its substantial progress in clawing back funds from tertiary institutions.

 Institutional Cooperation and Debt Agreements

Through rigorous efforts, the SIU has engaged with 58 tertiary institutions, including universities, to reclaim funds erroneously disbursed from the NSFAS. Notably, the University of Mpumalanga’s reimbursement of R33 million represents a significant milestone in this endeavor, contributing to the total recovered amount of R688 million. Additionally, the SIU has facilitated acknowledgment of debt agreements amounting to nearly R50 million with students who received funds incorrectly or were ineligible for assistance.

Addressing Student Debt and Parental Involvement

A pressing concern in the NSFAS probe is the substantial debt owed by students to the fund, amounting to at least R49 million. To address this issue, the SIU has initiated interviews with over 4,000 parents to facilitate the repayment process. It’s crucial to note that while the SIU is committed to reclaiming misallocated funds, it aims to avoid criminalizing students and instead emphasizes accountability and compliance with eligibility criteria.

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Ongoing Evaluation and Anti-Corruption Measures

As the investigation progresses, the SIU remains vigilant in assessing new corruption complaints and determining their viability for investigation under existing proclamations. This proactive approach underscores the SIU’s commitment to combating corruption within the NSFAS and ensuring that public funds are utilized appropriately for the benefit of deserving students.



The SIU relentless pursuit of accountability and transparency in the NSFAS has yielded significant results, with the recovery of nearly R700 million from tertiary institutions and the initiation of debt agreements with students. By addressing systemic issues of maladministration and corruption, the SIU not only safeguards public funds but also upholds the integrity of South Africa’s higher education system, ensuring equitable access to educational opportunities for all deserving students.

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