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Scandals At NSFAS Affect Students



Scandals At NSFAS Affect Students

Scandals At NSFAS Affect Students. In the pursuit of shedding light on the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) shortcomings, this article aims to articulate the far-reaching impact of corrupt conduct by NSFAS and Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta) personnel. As former beneficiaries, we delve into the aftermath of corrupt practices that have left students grappling with the consequences.

NSFAS: A Beacon Dimmed

Established to address the educational disparities faced by disadvantaged students in South Africa, NSFAS has, to a certain extent, fulfilled its mandate to the black community. However, recent events have raised concerns and exposed a dark underbelly within the organization.

The Unraveling Scandal

Since 2022, NSFAS has been under scrutiny due to suspicions of corruption involving Ernest Khosa, the former chairperson, and Blade Nzimande, the minister of higher education and training. Collaborating with Services Seta, these entities have allegedly approved over R37 million for merchandise at inflated prices, funds originally intended to support black youth seeking education.

Impact on Students: A Human Toll

The repercussions of this corruption are deeply felt by students who sought financial aid from NSFAS. Unpaid accommodation fees have resulted in evictions, leaving students homeless. Unsettled allowances have forced them to endure hunger, while unpaid academic fees have hindered graduates in their job search without proof of qualification.

Inefficient Financial Assistance

NSFAS’s inadequate planning, execution, and monitoring of financial assistance have led to a significant delay in disbursing funds. The lengthy waiting period poses serious challenges. As the academic clock continues ticking, students miss out on crucial education, leading to psychological stress and isolation from their peers.

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Desperation Breeds Unfortunate Means

The prolonged wait for funding pushes some students to desperate measures to secure their places at universities. For both men and women, this desperation may involve engaging in risky behaviors, such as seeking financial “rewards” through unconventional means. Female students, in particular, may find themselves in exploitative relationships, leaving scars that financial reimbursement cannot heal.

NSFAS Time Management and Application Date Glitches

In 2023, NSFAS faced criticism for delaying the release of its usual application date, revealing systemic flaws. The unbalanced relationship between NSFAS and students calls for a reevaluation, urging both parties to prioritize education and uphold the dignity of students deserving financial assistance.

The Plea for Reform: A Call to Action

NSFAS must enhance its efficiency to ensure timely fund disbursement. The education-related government bodies should adhere to regulations, safeguarding the country’s future by nurturing skilled individuals. This plea isn’t to shame but to implore authorities to address corruption and prioritize education, a vital investment for the nation’s prosperity. As we grapple with governmental flaws, let education-related entities be beacons of integrity, fostering a brighter future for generations to come.


The revelations of corruption at NSFAS cast a shadow on its mission. Urgent reforms are crucial to restore trust, ensuring timely assistance for deserving students. A commitment to integrity in education is paramount for a brighter future.

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