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SASSA Used Us As A Weapon!



SASSA Used Us As A Weapon!

SASSA Used Us As A Weapon! In the midst of political fervor and uncertainty surrounding the upcoming 2024 elections, one issue looms large over the heads of South Africa elderly population: the fate of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). As promises to tackle crime, boost employment, and enhance education flood the political arena, the specter of SASSA’s potential demise casts a shadow of fear and anxiety, particularly among the country gogos and madalas.

Threat of SASSA Demise

With the date for the elections still unconfirmed, President Cyril Ramaphosa recent warning has sent shockwaves through communities reliant on SASSA support. Speaking in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, during the ANC’s 112th birthday celebration, Ramaphosa’s remarks hinted at the possibility of scrapping crucial social programs like the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nfsas) and social grants in the event of the ANC failing to secure a majority vote.

Fear and Anger Among Beneficiaries

For many elderly South Africans, such pronouncements strike a chord of deep concern. Rose Ndlovu, a 64-year-old beneficiary from Soweto, voiced her dismay, accusing politicians of wielding SASSA as a weapon against vulnerable citizens. She emphasized the vital role these grants play in sustaining not only individuals but entire families, especially grandchildren who rely on their grandparents for support. The mere suggestion of stripping away this lifeline incites genuine fear of hunger and hardship.

A Vulnerable Population in Limbo

Mariam Zulu, an 88-year-old relying on crutches, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the indispensable nature of SASSA funds for survival. Boykie Maphela, aged 55, expressed frustration at the political maneuvering that perpetuates fear and uncertainty among beneficiaries. The reliance on SASSA has become intertwined with a fear of change, with many feeling coerced into allegiance to the ruling party out of apprehension for what may follow if power shifts.

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As the political landscape continues to shift and evolve, it is imperative to recognize the profound impact of policies on vulnerable segments of society, such as SASSA beneficiaries. Rather than weaponizing social welfare programs for political gain, leaders must prioritize stability, empowerment, and the well-being of all citizens. The future of SASSA should not be held hostage to electoral outcomes but safeguarded as a fundamental pillar of social support for those in need. Only through genuine commitment to the welfare of all can South Africa move forward with strength and unity.

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