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SASSA Payment Dates 2024 February: SASSA Child, Older Person, and Disability Grant Arrival



SASSA Payment Dates 2024 February: SASSA Child, Older Person, and Disability Grant Arrival

SASSA Payment Dates 2024 February. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) plays a crucial role in disbursing grants and allowances to underprivileged individuals in need of financial support. In this article, we delve into the specific details regarding the SASSA Payment Dates for February 2024, focusing on grants for children, older persons, and those with disabilities.

SASSA Payment Dates Overview

The South African Social Security Agency has publicized the payment dates for social assistance beneficiaries in 2024. If you’re a current SASSA beneficiary or know someone who is, understanding the payment schedule is essential. The grants are scheduled to be paid in the first week of February 2024, and you can find the exact dates below.

Receiving SASSA Payment

Beneficiaries can receive their payments from various supermarkets, including Pick n Pay, Boxer, USave merchants, Checkers, and Shoprite. Payment methods include the SASSA card, CashSend, or direct deposit into a bank account. It is crucial for beneficiaries to choose the most practical and secure method based on their situation, remaining vigilant against grant-related frauds and ensuring that information comes from reputable sources.

SASSA Payment Dates February 2024

Here are the key details for SASSA Payment Dates in February 2024:

  • Older Person’s Grant: February 2, 2024
  • Disability Grant: February 5, 2024
  • Child Support Grant: February 6, 2024

Types of SASSA Payment

SASSA grants cater to specific demographic segments, addressing needs related to child care, age, and disabilities. Some of the notable grants include:

  • Older People Grant: For individuals aged 60 or older, providing a monthly stipend based on age.
  • Disability Benefit: Supporting those unable to work for an extended period due to physical or mental disabilities.
  • Child Support Grant: Providing financial assistance to caregivers for raising children.
  • SRD Grant: A monthly payment for eligible individuals aged 18 to 60 facing distress.
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SASSA Payment Schedule

SASSA distributes welfare grants at the beginning of each month. Recipients can efficiently plan for the receipt of their funds by referring to the following schedule:

Dates Older Persons Grant Disability Grant Children’s Grant SRD Grant
February, 2024 2 February 2024 5 February 2024 6 February 2024 23 February- 29 February 2024
March, 2024 5 March 2024 6 March 2024 7 March 2024 25 March- 29 March 2024
April, 2024 4 April 2024 5 April 2024 6 April 2024
May, 2024 3 May 2024 4 May 2024 7 May 2024

Additionally, SASSA will pay out the Foster Child Grant, Care Dependency Grant, and War Veteran’s Grant on 6 February 2024. Beneficiaries are reminded that it may take two to three days for payments to appear in their bank accounts.


Stay informed about SASSA Payment Dates for February 2024 and beyond to ensure timely receipt of grants. Feel free to return for more insightful content on similar topics.

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