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SASSA Old-Age Grant Fraud While Her Company Sucked R88 Million From SAPS



SASSA Old-Age Grant Fraud While Her Company Sucked R88 Million From SAPS. The recent arrest of an individual involved in a disturbing case of alleged fraud has shed light on the intricate web of deceit surrounding social grant payments in South Africa.

The accused, identified as Sigamoney, stands accused of unlawfully receiving social grant payments while concurrently being the sole director of a company that secured lucrative tenders from the South African Police Service (SAPS). This article delves into the details of the case, highlighting the intertwining issues of corruption and exploitation.

Unveiling the Allegations

Sigamoney arrest stems from accusations of exploiting the social grant system while profiting from substantial government contracts.

The tenders awarded to her company, ostensibly for the supply of office furniture, amounted to a staggering R88 million from SAPS alone. This raises significant concerns regarding the integrity of procurement processes within the law enforcement sector.

Witness Testimonies

During the proceedings, key witnesses from both SAPS and the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) provided damning testimonies against Sigamoney.

These testimonies corroborated the allegations of fraudulent activities, with specific emphasis on the misuse of social grant funds. Notably, a quality assurance officer from Sassa confirmed Sigamoney direct involvement in the grant application process, exposing the depth of her deception.

Deception Unraveled

Further revelations emerged as witnesses detailed the discrepancies in Sigamoney application for social grants.

Despite declaring no involvement in any companies, evidence suggests her active role as a director in KJP Traders Pty, the same company benefiting from lucrative government contracts. This blatant attempt to conceal pertinent information underscores the audacity of the alleged fraud.

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Timeline of Misconduct

The timeline of events paints a damning picture of sustained deception and exploitation. Sigamoney’s application for an old age grant in 2017, accompanied by falsified information regarding her employment history, marked the inception of her illicit gains.

Over the following years, she purportedly received approximately R123,000 in grant money, even after charges were filed against her.

Complicity of Family Members:

Compounding the gravity of the situation is the involvement of Sigamoney’s son, Matthew Pillay, who was also implicated in the affairs of KJP Traders Pty.

His inclusion as a director of the company further complicates the narrative, suggesting a familial network complicit in fraudulent activities. This raises questions regarding the extent of collusion within the organization.


The unfolding saga of SASSA old-age grant fraud, intertwined with the exploitation of government contracts, serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive corruption plaguing South Africa public sector.

The allegations against Sigamoney and her company underscore the urgent need for comprehensive reforms to safeguard public funds and restore trust in governmental institutions.

As the legal proceedings progress, it is imperative to hold accountable those responsible for such egregious breaches of trust and ensure justice for the vulnerable individuals deprived of rightful assistance.

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