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Recipients of SASSA Grants Fear a Drastic Change in Funding



Recipients of SASSA Grants Fear a Drastic Change in Funding

Recipients of SASSA Grants Fear a Drastic Change in Funding. Millions of South Africans in need of social grants are administered by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

Each month, recipients receive the Childcare Grant, the Older Persons Grant, the R350-SRD Grant, and the Disability Grant. With Postbank cash points being phased out and the price of basic goods expected to rise, recipients are concerned SASSA grants could change dramatically in 2024. In the new year, what can grant recipients expect? Here what to know about the big projected SASSA changes.

SASSA grants could change drastically, fear recipients

Many South Africans, who fear the changes in the grant system for 2024, are dependent on social grants for their basic livelihoods.

Several grant recipients had been unable to access their funds due to a glitch at Postbank in 2023. Some recipients are worried about a repeat of the downtime, which could negatively affect their year.

There is also a possibility that recipients will experience more website downtime, which has affected many applications and claims.


SASSA cards for 2024

The social grant agency announced the expiration of SASSA cards as one of its big announcements. A gold card will no longer expire at the end of this year if you claim grants with it. Cards will remain valid until 2024 if you claim grants with a gold card. The grant agency has made one of its better announcements so far.

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Social grants and cash collection points for 2024

Cash collection points for social grants will end in 2024, according to the grant agency. Staff and social grant recipients will benefit from this announcement by making grant collection easier and safer. It is possible that other changes will still be announced through the beginning of next year.


SASSA grants express anxiety over potential significant changes in funding. Relying on social grants for basic livelihoods, concerns arise as Postbank cash points phase out, and fears persist about possible disruptions and website downtime. While SASSA cards see a positive update, the announcement of the end of cash collection points in 2024 aims to enhance efficiency and safety. With ongoing uncertainties, grant recipients remain vigilant for further developments in the coming year.

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