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Payment Date & Eligibility For $1489 or $1848 Stimulus Check 2024



Payment Date & Eligibility For $1489 or $1848 Stimulus Check 2024

Payment Date & Eligibility For $1489 or $1848 Stimulus Check 2024. The IRS Stimulus Check program, a lifeline for many, continues to provide financial support to eligible individuals across the USA. However, in 2024, the focus shifts slightly as the government introduces the $1489 or $1848 Stimulus Check, which is not your typical stimulus but rather a part of the Social Security Benefits scheme. Here’s what you need to know about eligibility, payment dates, and more.

$1489 or $1848 Stimulus Check 2024

The IRS, in conjunction with the US Government, has been disbursing various benefits, including Stimulus Checks, to citizens. However, the fourth round of stimulus checks has been replaced with the $1848 Stimulus Check, specifically targeted towards retirees. This payment aims to provide immediate financial relief, with beneficiaries receiving it in a single day.

Eligibility Criteria for IRS Stimulus Check 2024

To qualify for the $1489 or $1848 Stimulus Check, individuals must have filed taxes since 1997 and be eligible for Social Security benefits. Retirees will receive the $1848 payment, while those with disabilities and low income will continue to benefit from the $2000 Stimulus Check introduced in 2023. Additionally, beneficiaries of Supplemental Security Income will enjoy various other benefits along with the stimulus check.

Payment Mode and Dates

The US Government facilitates payment through direct deposits into individuals’ bank accounts. The payment date is determined by the recipient’s birth date. Those born between the 1st and 10th of the month receive their payment on the 8th, while those born between the 11th and 20th receive it on the 15th. Citizens born between the 21st and 30th receive their payment on the 22nd, ensuring timely financial assistance.

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Eligibility Criteria for Social Security Benefits 2024

Eligibility for the $1489 or $1848 Stimulus Check is based on age and income. Citizens must be at least 65 years old, with individual tax filers earning less than $75,000 and household heads with an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) below $112,500. Couples filing jointly must have an AGI not exceeding $150,000. Partial payments are available for higher-income individuals, with reductions based on income thresholds.

Social Security Benefits Increase

A notable increase of 3.2% in Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) has led to an augmentation in Social Security benefits. The table below illustrates the pre- and post-COLA benefits for various categories of beneficiaries, reflecting the commitment to supporting citizens in their retirement years.

Particulars Before 3.2% COLA After 3.2% COLA
Retired workers $1848 $1907
Aged couple $2939 $3033
Widowed mother and 2 children $3540 $3653
Aged widower $1718 $1773
Disabled worker $2636 $2720
All disabled workers $1489 $1537


While the $1489 or $1848 Stimulus Check 2024 represents a shift in government assistance, it remains a crucial component of financial support for retirees and eligible individuals. Understanding the eligibility criteria, payment dates, and accompanying benefits is essential for maximizing assistance and ensuring financial stability. For further information, individuals can visit the IRS website or utilize the “my Ooredoo Kuwait” app for convenient access to support services and resources.

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