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OUTA Doesn’t Retract Reports Accusing NSFAS Board Chair Khosa Of Fraud



OUTA Doesn't Retract Reports Accusing NSFAS Board Chair Khosa Of Fraud

OUTA Doesn’t Retract Reports Accusing NSFAS Board Chair Khosa Of Fraud. The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) remains steadfast in its refusal to retract reports accusing the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) board chairperson, Ernest Khosa, of engaging in fraudulent activities. Despite mounting pressure and a demand for retraction, OUTA asserts its commitment to transparency and accountability in its recent investigation.

In January, OUTA unveiled a comprehensive report accompanied by leaked audio recordings, alleging that numerous companies contracted by NSFAS had funneled significant amounts in kickbacks to Khosa and the Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande. The revelations sparked controversy and prompted Khosa to take a leave of absence to facilitate an impartial probe into the allegations against him.

Demand for Retraction

Ernest Khosa, in response to the damning accusations, demanded that OUTA retract its report by a specified deadline. However, OUTA CEO Wayne Duvenage confirmed the receipt of the demand letter but emphasized that the civil rights organization stood firmly by the findings of its investigation.

OUTA Stance

Despite the pressure and demand for retraction, OUTA remains resolute in its stance. Wayne Duvenage reiterated that the organization will not succumb to intimidation and stands by the integrity of its investigation. The refusal to retract underscores OUTA commitment to upholding the principles of accountability and exposing potential wrongdoing within public entities.

Commitment to Transparency

OUTA’s refusal to retract its reports highlights the organization’s dedication to transparency and its role in holding public figures accountable. The civil rights organization’s commitment to providing the public with accurate and unbiased information reflects its broader mission of ensuring that public resources are utilized ethically and responsibly.



As the controversy surrounding the allegations against NSFAS board chair Ernest Khosa continues, OUTA remains unwavering in its commitment to transparency and accountability. The refusal to retract its reports signifies the organization confidence in the accuracy of its findings and its determination to uphold the principles of ethical governance within public institutions. The unfolding developments are expected to shed light on the veracity of the accusations and the broader implications for accountability in the realm of public service.

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