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NSFAS Unilim Src Accelerates Efforts



NSFAS Unilim Src Accelerates Efforts

NSFAS Unilim Src Accelerates Efforts. In order to ensure timely disbursement of allowances at the University of Limpopo (UniLim), the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is actively addressing issues related to bursary information. In response to recent disruptions, the university and NSFAS officials have stepped in swiftly.

Delays Caused by Incorrect Bursary Information

To correct an earlier error that resulted in delays in the disbursement of allowances, NSFAS is currently capturing a new file for UniLim students’ bursary information. It is crucial that affected students receive financial support as a result of this corrective measure.

UniLim Food Drive Program Extension

Students facing financial challenges due to delays in bursary disbursements have been provided support and assistance by UniLim food drive program during the second semester examinations.

SRC Members Take Action

In an effort to expedite the correction of missing details in the bursary information, UniLim Student Representative Council (SRC) visited NSFAS  head offices in Cape Town. A key goal of the accelerated efforts is to streamline the transfer of necessary information to eZaga, a Financial Services Provider (FSP) previously contracted by NSFAS for capital disbursements.

EZaga Role and Conflict of Interest

As a result of recent conflicts of interest involving eZaga, NSFAS did not renew their contract for the new year; however, eZaga is tasked with completing all outstanding duties related to NSFAS monies by the end of the month, adding urgency to the task.

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Systematic Issues in Digital Money Applications

Students used digital money applications for transactions at the university, and FSP officials visited the university to address systematic issues. A digital application erroneously declined transactions, citing insufficient funds, causing unnecessary panic among students who heavily rely on the grant.

Student Council Seeks Accountability

NSFAS officials are being called to account by the UniLim student council regarding the deduction of R75 from students’ allowances over the past five months. Their demand for transparency reflects concerns about the handling of student finances.


The collaborative efforts between UniLim and NSFAS, coupled with the engagement of SRC members, highlight a commitment to resolving challenges and ensuring the seamless disbursement of allowances to deserving students. As corrective measures are underway, the university remains focused on providing support to students affected by these disruptions.

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