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NSFAS Sends SOS To Varsities



NSFAS Sends SOS To Varsities

NSFAS Sends SOS To Varsities. The intricacies of allowance payments for the 2024 academic year, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has reached out to universities, signaling a temporary shift in responsibility.

The transition is slated to commence in April, with universities poised to administer the disbursement of allowances solely for the months of February and March. This move, while deemed necessary by NSFAS, has sparked discussions within the academic community, with the South African Union of Students (SAUS) advocating for a short-term resolution rather than a permanent fixture.

NSFAS Interim Solution

Nkosinathi Sishi, the Director-General of the Department of Higher Education and Training, shed light on the rationale behind this temporary adjustment. According to Sishi, the decision aims to provide immediate relief while NSFAS grapples with the termination of contracts with several fintech companies. Notably, Tenet Technology, eZaga Holdings, Noracco Corporation, and Coinvest Africa are among the entities facing contract terminations.

Clarifications And Contingency Plans

Seeking clarity on the matter, Sishi engaged with NSFAS to ascertain the logistics of allowance payments. He underscored the existence of a contingency plan, colloquially referred to as “Plan B,” wherein fintech companies would continue disbursing allowances during the contract termination process. However, the legal intricacies surrounding contract termination rest outside the purview of NSFAS, with the process overseen by Werksmans Attorneys.

Legal Oversight And Collaborative Efforts

The appointment of Werksmans Attorneys by NSFAS signifies a concerted effort to navigate the legal complexities associated with contract terminations. Sishi emphasized the importance of transparency and regular updates from Werksmans Attorneys, enabling timely interventions by the Department of Higher Education and Training when necessary.

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A Call for Stability and Long-term Solutions

While NSFAS strives to address immediate concerns surrounding allowance payments, stakeholders emphasize the need for stability and long-term solutions. The SAUS, in particular, advocates for a swift resolution that ensures uninterrupted financial support for students. As discussions unfold and transitions take shape, collaboration between NSFAS, universities, and legal entities remains pivotal in charting a course towards sustainable financial aid mechanisms.


As NSFAS navigates through the intricacies of contract terminations and allowance disbursements, the academic community looks towards a future marked by stability and continuity in financial support.

Through collaborative efforts and transparent communication, NSFAS endeavors to address short-term challenges while laying the groundwork for sustainable solutions that uphold the welfare of students across South Africa universities.

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