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NSFAS Receives 1 Million Applications for 2024, With More Expected



NSFAS Receives 1 Million Applications for 2024, With More Expected

NSFAS Receives 1 Million Applications for 2024, With More Expected. Congratulations to the 572,983 learners of the Matric Class of 2023, achieving a remarkable pass rate of 82.9%. President Cyril Ramaphosa praises the determination of learners as a testament to the nation’s commitment to its youth.

Matric Results Accessibility

Discover quick and easy ways to access matric results through the Department of Basic Education’s online system, mobile phone dialing, and specific online portals for Gauteng-based matriculants.

Pursuing Tertiary Education with NSFAS

Learners with newly acquired NSC qualifications often face financial obstacles in pursuing tertiary education. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) emerges as a crucial solution for those seeking comprehensive bursaries.

NSFAS 2024 Applications Surge

NSFAS gears up for the 2024 academic year, having received over 1.4 million applications for funding. An additional million applications are anticipated, highlighting the need for eligible students to submit applications promptly. A reminder for applicants to complete the process with the required NSFAS Consent Form.

Eligibility Verification and Loan Options

NSFAS ensures eligibility verification for applicants, emphasizing the importance of verifying the employment status and income levels of parents, guardians, or spouses. While NSFAS bursaries remain a primary focus, a new student loan option targets those from the “missing middle” backgrounds. Eligibility criteria for the loan scheme are in development, with application details for the 2024 academic year to be communicated.


Prospective students aiming for NSFAS support are urged to submit their applications before the closing date on 31 January 2024. As the organization anticipates a significant increase in applications, continued updates on the loan scheme and other developments will be communicated in due course.

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