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NSFAS R937 Mitha Mess Cleaned Up By SIU



NSFAS R937 Mitha Mess Cleaned Up By SIU

NSFAS R937 Mitha Mess Cleaned Up By SIU. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has been under scrutiny in recent times due to mismanagement of funds and poor control systems. However, there’s a glimmer of hope as the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) steps in to clean up the mess. Since September 2022, the SIU has been actively involved in investigating NSFAS, and the results are promising.

Recovering Unallocated Funds

One of the major issues identified during the investigation was the presence of unallocated funds amounting to millions. These funds were intended for students who qualified for financial aid but either changed institutions or deregistered. According to Kaizer Kganyago, spokesperson for the SIU, the unallocated funds remained dormant due to poor control systems and a lack of reconciliation processes by NSFAS.

Collaborative Efforts

Fortunately, universities approached by the SIU have shown cooperation, expediting the recovery process. Among the notable successes is the retrieval of R400 million from the University of Pretoria, transferred in four installments to the SIU’s Trust account.

Impressive Recoveries

The efforts of the SIU have resulted in substantial recoveries from various institutions across the country. Some of the significant amounts include R5,057,679 from West Coast College, R33,369,404.97 from NorthLink College, and R311,892,088.94 from the University of Johannesburg.

Unveiling Control Weaknesses

The investigation by the SIU has shed light on the failure of NSFAS to implement adequate controls. These controls were meant to facilitate annual reconciliations between the funds disbursed to institutions and the allocation of those funds to students. As a consequence of these weaknesses, there have been instances of overpayments and underpayments dating back to 2017.

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Path to Improvement

In response to the findings, NSFAS has taken steps to address the control deficiencies. They have appointed a service provider to aid in the reconciliation process through ‘close-out reporting’. However, the reconciliation process is still ongoing, indicating the magnitude of the challenge at hand.


The intervention of the SIU in cleaning up the NSFAS mess is a step in the right direction towards ensuring transparency and accountability in the management of student financial aid. As recoveries continue and control systems are strengthened, there’s hope for a more efficient and effective distribution of funds to deserving students across South Africa.

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