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NSFAS Pays R4 Billion Amid Protests



NSFAS Pays R4 Billion Amid Protests

NSFAS Pays R4 Billion Amid Protests. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) has recently allocated approximately R4 billion in upfront payments to technical and vocational education and training (TVET) colleges and universities. This significant disbursement aims to facilitate a seamless beginning to the 2024 academic year, preceding the finalization of application and registration processes.

NSFAS Pays R4 Billion Amid Protests

NSFAS has confirmed that it has paid about R4 billion in prepayments to technical and vocational education and training (TVET) colleges and universities.

Disbursement Breakdown

  • Nsfas disbursed R2.8 billion to universities and R580,150,950.00 to TVET colleges in January.
  • The upfront payment for universities covers student accommodation and book allowance for one month, with stipends scheduled for disbursement in April.
  • For TVET colleges, an additional R1 billion is allocated for three months’ worth of allowances based on registrations from January to March.

Impact On Student Registration

These upfront payments are instrumental in enabling institutions to register all Nsfas-approved students for the academic year 2024, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede their educational pursuits.

Challenges and Protests

While Nsfas strives to streamline payment processes, it has faced criticism, with allegations of corruption and delays in payments surfacing. Recent protests by student organizations, such as the uMkhonto weSizwe Youth League and students at the University of the Western Cape, underscore the frustrations regarding fee blocks and accommodation issues attributed to Nsfas.

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Path Forward

With the infusion of funds into universities and colleges, there is optimism that outstanding student accounts will be addressed. Nsfas has also announced the termination of services of certain payment service providers, aiming to enhance efficiency and accountability in fund disbursement processes.


As Nsfas takes proactive steps to address payment challenges and streamline operations, the recent disbursement of R4 billion underscores its commitment to supporting students’ educational aspirations. While protests highlight ongoing concerns, collaborative efforts between Nsfas, institutions, and students are essential in fostering a conducive learning environment for all.

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