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NSFAS opens bursary applications for 2024



NSFAS opens bursary applications for 2024

NSFAS opens bursary applications for 2024. Dr Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education and Training, has urged students without financial assistance to apply for bursaries for the 2024 academic year as the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) officially opens.

Application Period and Deadline

Applicants are encouraged to submit applications by 31 January 2024, the deadline for the bursary application season.

Timely Application Encouragement

It is important to apply early, and Minister Nzimande advises prospective students not to wait until the last minute. He emphasizes that students don’t need to be matriculated to apply for NSFAS.

Financial Eligibility and SASSA First Time Entering (FTEN) Students

The scheme is focused on funding poor and working-class families. Minister Nzimande assures that the scheme will make immediate funding decisions for students entering the SASSA system for the first time.

Streamlined Application Process

In the case of the 2024 application period, no supporting documents are required at the outset. However, third-party entities such as SASSA, SARS, and the Department of Home Affairs will provide information for verification.

Appeals and Supporting Documents

In the case of appeals, the required documents will be based on the NSFAS declaration form which is available on the university’s website. Students with disabilities must also submit the disability annexure form.

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Accuracy of Information

If validations with third parties fail, NSFAS may reject or request additional documentation. Nzimande stresses the importance of accurate information. NSFAS may reject or request additional documents if validations with third parties fail.

Appeals for Returning and Continuing Students

Returned and continuing students can appeal starting at the end of November, in order to streamline the process. First-time applicants can appeal after rejection, while returning and continuing students can appeal after rejection.

Collaboration with Public Entities

As part of its collaboration with public entities, such as SARS and the Department of Home Affairs, NSFAS ensures stringent controls to prevent ineligible individuals from accessing funding.

Registration Confirmation

It is not guaranteed that students will receive funding confirmation for their qualifications simply by applying. Students must be registered at a public university or TVET college to receive funding confirmation.

New Features for 2024

A new mobile application with biometric capabilities is being introduced for IOS and Android devices during the 2024 application period, as well as enhanced query handling processes through WhatsApp, USSD, and chatbots.


The opening of NSFAS bursary applications for the 2024 academic year signifies a critical opportunity for aspiring students. Minister Nzimande’s emphasis on early application, streamlined processes, and new features underscores NSFAS’s commitment to accessible and efficient financial aid.

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