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NSFAS Loans Available For Postgraduate Courses



NSFAS Loans Available For Postgraduate Courses

NSFAS Loans Available For Postgraduate Courses. In a groundbreaking move to bridge the financial gap for students in the “missing middle,” the Higher Education Minister has unveiled the inaugural phase of the Comprehensive Student Funding Model. This model includes the provision of much-needed financial support for postgraduate students through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). Let delve into the details of how this initiative aims to empower aspiring postgraduates in 2024.

NSFAS Expansion for Postgraduate Studies

Starting in 2024, NSFAS will extend its support to students from families with an annual income ranging between R350,000 and R600,000. This marks a significant stride towards inclusivity, addressing the financial challenges faced by those who fall into the “missing middle” demographic. Under this initiative, eligible students within this income bracket are encouraged to apply for NSFAS student loans.

Comprehensive Funding Model Launch

Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande, officially launched the Comprehensive Funding Model in January, ushering in a new era of financial assistance for students who don’t qualify for traditional NSFAS bursaries. The noteworthy aspect of this announcement is that the funding will not only be limited to undergraduate students but will also encompass postgraduate scholars.

Funding Allocation and Prioritization

It crucial to note that the Comprehensive Student Funding Model caters to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. In its first phase in 2024, an impressive R3.8 billion has been allocated for the loan scheme. The National Skills Fund contributes R1.5 billion, with an additional R2.3 billion from the Setas. This substantial amount is anticipated to support 47% of the “missing middle” students, unlocking doors to higher education.

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To address the country National Development Plan and promote critical skills, NSFAS loans will prioritize science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. An overwhelming 70% of the available funding will be dedicated to STEM programs, while the remaining 30% will support humanities and social sciences qualifications.

Application Process and Requirements

As of now, NSFAS is open for 2024 student loan applications. Prospective beneficiaries are urged to submit their applications within the designated application period. To qualify for the scheme, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Annual household income between R350,001 and R600,000
  • Enrolled in a public university
  • Maintain an average of 60% in coursework for continued funding

Unique Loan Forgiveness Opportunity

Distinguishing NSFAS loans from traditional student loans, there is a noteworthy incentive for high-achieving students. Those who excel with over 70% and successfully complete their courses within the stipulated timeframe can apply to have 50% of their loan forgiven, providing a powerful motivator for academic excellence.


The expansion of NSFAS support to postgraduate students in 2024 signifies a positive step towards democratizing access to higher education. This Comprehensive Student Funding Model not only addresses financial challenges but also emphasizes the importance of cultivating skills critical to the nation’s development. As applications open, aspiring postgraduate students now have a valuable opportunity to pursue their academic dreams without the burden of financial constraints.

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