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NSFAS Lacks Control Measures Says SIU



NSFAS Lacks Control Measures Says SIU

NSFAS Lacks Control Measures Says SIU. The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has been actively engaged in uncovering instances of fraud and corruption within the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), leading to significant revelations and recoveries. As of recent reports, the SIU has managed to reclaim over R737 million, a substantial portion of which constitutes unallocated funds totaling R688 million.

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Delving into the Investigations

In a recent presentation to Parliament Standing Committee on Public Accounts, the SIU shed light on its extensive probe into NSFAS operations. One notable aspect highlighted was the discovery of inadequate control mechanisms and reconciliation processes within NSFAS, which have paved the way for irregularities and financial mismanagement.

According to Kaizer Kganyago, the spokesperson for the SIU, the root cause of the unallocated funds can be attributed to systemic deficiencies within NSFAS. Specifically, NSFAS has faltered in establishing and enforcing controls to ensure a seamless reconciliation between disbursed funds and their allocation to deserving students.

Control Weaknesses Unveiled

The SIU thorough investigation has unearthed glaring lapses in control protocols within NSFAS, spanning from 2017 to the present day. Failure to implement robust control measures has resulted in instances of both overpayments and underpayments to various institutions.

One striking revelation is the absence of an annual reconciliation process, a fundamental practice that could have averted many of the financial discrepancies witnessed. NSFAS failure to institute such reconciliation mechanisms has perpetuated financial irregularities, exacerbating the challenges faced by students and educational institutions alike.

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Path to Remediation

Recognizing the urgent need for rectification, NSFAS has taken steps to address the identified deficiencies. Recently, the institution engaged a service provider to aid in the reconciliation process through a framework termed ‘close-out reporting.’ Despite these efforts, the reconciliation process remains ongoing as NSFAS endeavors to restore financial integrity and accountability.


The SIU’s investigation into NSFAS has underscored the imperative of robust control measures and diligent oversight in public financial management. The recovery of significant funds and the initiation of corrective measures signify a step towards restoring trust and efficiency within NSFAS.

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