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NSFAS Funds Still Awaiting Universities



NSFAS Funds Still Awaiting Universities

NSFAS Funds Still Awaiting Universities. In the pursuit of guaranteeing financial support for eligible students, Higher Education and NSFAS are committed to providing funding for the current academic year. However, a significant number of universities are still grappling with delays in receiving the allocated funds from the student financial aid scheme.

Current Status at Wits University

Wits University, poised to implement fee increases this year, has yet to receive the anticipated funds owed by the student financial aid scheme. This delay in disbursement raises concerns not only for the university administration but also for students who depend on NSFAS for financial assistance.

Importance of Timely Communication

One of the key challenges highlighted by Wits University is the crucial need for timely communication from NSFAS. Effective communication is paramount to ensure that students can complete their registration processes without unnecessary hurdles. The lack of funds has the potential to disrupt academic activities and compromise the educational pursuits of those relying on financial aid.

FAQs Abou NSFAS Funds Still Awaiting Universities

Q 1: Why are some universities still waiting for NSFAS funds?

Ans: Delays in the disbursement of NSFAS funds have been reported by several universities, impacting their ability to meet financial obligations and causing uncertainty for students.

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Q 2: How does the delay in funds affect students and universities?

Ans: The delay in NSFAS fund disbursement creates challenges for universities in managing their financial commitments, and it hampers students’ ability to register and pursue their studies without financial obstacles.

Q 3: What measures are being taken to address the issue of delayed funds?

Ans: Universities and NSFAS are urged to enhance communication and streamline processes to expedite the disbursement of funds, ensuring that eligible students receive financial aid in a timely manner.


While the commitment to funding eligible students remains steadfast, the current delay in fund disbursement raises questions about the efficiency of the process. Timely action is essential to avoid disruptions in academic schedules and to uphold the commitment to providing financial aid to students in need.

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