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NSFAS Financial Report Is Rejected By The Higher Education Committee Of Parliament



NSFAS Financial Report Is Rejected By The Higher Education Committee Of Parliament

NSFAS Financial Report Is Rejected By The Higher Education Committee Of Parliament. Members of the portfolio committee on higher education have expressed dissatisfaction with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) 2024 financial report, which was presented by the auditor general (AG) office on Wednesday. This rejection stems from concerns regarding poor systems and a perceived lack of capacity within the scheme, as highlighted by the AG findings.

Challenges Highlighted by the AG

The AG office has identified significant issues within NSFAS, attributing them to inadequate systems and capacity constraints. This assessment has raised alarms among committee members, who question the reliability and transparency of NSFAS financial management practices.

Inadequate Financial Accountability

Committee members have underscored their inability to accept a financial report that fails to provide a true reflection of how allocated funds have been utilized. This sentiment reflects a broader concern regarding the accountability and stewardship of public funds entrusted to NSFAS.

Call for Transparency and Accountability

African National Congress member of Parliament (MP) Tebogo Letsie emphasized the urgency for NSFAS to present a comprehensive report that can be thoroughly scrutinized. Letsie’s call for transparency underscores the need for accountability and responsible financial management within NSFAS.

Concerns Over Fund Utilization

Letsie pointed out discrepancies in NSFAS reported fund utilization, citing figures that raise questions about the coherence and accuracy of financial records. With billions of rands allocated to NSFAS annually, the committee insists on clarity and justification for every rand expended.

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Serious Implications of Mismanagement

Echoing Letsie concerns, Economic Freedom Fighters MP Mandla Shikwambana highlighted the broader implications of NSFAS alleged mismanagement. Shikwambana emphasized the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the duty of NSFAS officials to safeguard public finances diligently.


The rejection of NSFAS’s financial report by Parliament higher education committee signals a critical juncture in the scrutiny of public institutions’ financial management. With allegations of mismanagement and inadequate accountability, NSFAS faces mounting pressure to address these concerns and restore confidence in its operations. As the custodian of significant public funds, NSFAS must prioritize transparency, accountability, and effective governance to fulfill its mandate of supporting students’ access to higher education.

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