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NSFAS Extends 2024 Application Closing Date



NSFAS Extends 2024 Application Closing Date

NSFAS Extends 2024 Application Closing Date. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has recently announced an extension for the 2024 application deadline, offering students another opportunity to apply for crucial financial assistance. If you haven’t applied for an NSFAS bursary or need to submit additional documents, this is the perfect chance to secure funding for your academic journey.

NSFAS Application Deadline Extension

In a recent announcement, NSFAS shared the exciting news of an extension to the application window for the 2024 academic year. The new closing date is set for 15th February 2024, providing a lifeline for those who were unable to submit their applications earlier. This extension aims to accommodate all potential applicants and ensure that deserving students do not miss out on financial support.

Application Statistics

As of the end of January, NSFAS received a staggering 1,745,226 applications on its myNSFAS platform. Among these, 940,682 applications have been provisionally funded, 269,915 are awaiting evaluations, and 232,559 are in progress. However, 136,531 applications remain in the NOT-STARTED status, indicating that applicants created profiles but did not submit applications. NSFAS has also rejected 102,201 applications, with 1,093 appeals lodged.

NSFAS Consent Form

NSFAS emphasizes the importance of downloading and uploading a completed consent form, a mandatory step in the application process. This form allows NSFAS to verify applicant information with third parties, including details about the employment status and income levels of parents, guardians, and spouses. Applicants with specific NSFAS statuses, such as “Awaiting Evaluation,” “Financial Eligibility,” or “Application in Progress,” must wait for further instructions via SMS or email from NSFAS regarding the Consent Form.

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Special Note for Sassa Beneficiaries

Sassa beneficiaries are exempt from submitting an NSFAS Consent Form, as they are not subject to financial eligibility checks. These beneficiaries receive immediate approval for NSFAS funding.

NSFAS Loan Scheme:

In addition to bursaries, NSFAS is offering a loan scheme for missing middle students. The application deadline for the NSFAS loan is also 15th February. Students who previously applied for the NSFAS bursary scheme do not need to submit a new application for the loan scheme. Those who did not meet the bursary scheme’s eligibility criteria but meet the loan scheme’s criteria will automatically be considered for a loan.


This extension of the NSFAS application deadline is a significant opportunity for students seeking financial aid for the 2024 academic year. Whether you are a current applicant awaiting evaluation or someone who has yet to start the application process, act now to secure the support you need for your education. Don’t miss out on this second chance provided by NSFAS to pave the way for your academic success. Apply before the extended closing date of 15th February 2024 and take the next step towards achieving your educational goals.

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