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NSFAS D-Day – No Answers Yet



NSFAS D-Day - No Answers Yet

NSFAS D-Day – No Answers Yet. During the Democratic Alliance (DA) engagement with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) at their Cape Town headquarters, various critical issues were discussed, but answers were scarce.

Unanswered Questions on 2023 Funding Distribution

Acting CEO Masile Ramorwesi and NSFAS officials failed to provide updates on the crucial deadline for the distribution of outstanding 2023 funding. The lack of information creates uncertainty among students relying on financial support.

Minister Nzimande Silence on Funding Shortfall and Accommodation

Minister of Higher Education, Dr Blade Nzimande, remained silent on the 10% NSFAS shortfall for 2024, leaving over 87,000 students without clarity on funding. Additionally, concerns about student accommodation were left unaddressed.

Implications for Students and Urgent Need for Resolution

The lack of transparency and accountability in handling funding issues by NSFAS and government officials has severe implications for affected students. Urgent resolution is needed to prevent a potential disaster in the educational landscape.

Missing Middle Funding Model Controversy

Minister Nzimande announcement of the missing middle funding model is criticized as an attempt to divert attention. The model lacks crucial details such as implementation date, repayment terms, and conditions.


DA Call for Sustainable Higher Education Funding

The DA proposes an alternative funding model focused on creating a sustainable higher education funding environment. The current situation endangers the financial sustainability of NSFAS and excludes the missing middle from accessing higher education.

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Demands for Credible Information

Any credible funding announcement should include details such as percentage interest on loans, repayment commencement, administration responsibility, commencement date of the loan system, ICT upgrade specifics, and National Treasury’s correspondence on seed funding increase.

Urgent Need for Competent Leadership

The call is made for Minister Nzimande to be replaced by a competent minister with a clear creative vision to steer higher education in the right direction.


It is crucial to address the current challenges in NSFAS and higher education. The call to be part of the mission to rescue South Africa is emphasized, urging people to register to vote at This underscores the importance of civic participation in shaping the future of education in the country.

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